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Game of Thrones: (6:7) “The Broken Man”

HUGE spoilers lie ahead! Do not keep reading if you have not watched episode 7 “The Broken Man” from last nights episode of Game of Thrones! You will be disappointed when I tell you everything that happen. You have been warned!

Game of Thrones


THE HOUND HAS RETURNED!!!!!! So after much debate last week over who could possibly beat the Mountain in a fight one of the only people we could come up with is The Hound. but he was dead! And we came up with all these theories (we being me, my friend Shawn, and my brother) about how he could possibly be alive. My brother was totally against it. My friend Shawn totally thought it could happen. Looks like my friend Shawn wins! The Hound lives!

The Hound – We come to see our old friend while he is chopping down trees and helping build something up. Not sure who these people are yet. The leader of the group tells him the group is a bit afraid of him. Said when he found him he thought he was dead already. The guy tells him the reason he is alive is that “the God’s aren’t done with you yet”. The Hound asks if God’s are real why hadn’t they punished him for what he did back in his time. The guy tells him “they have”.

Queen Margaery – She is back with her crown and looking regal again. The High Sparrow comes to see her. The High Sparrow tells the Queen she has a duty to join King Tommen in her marriage bed. She says her desires no longer push her forward, but he says they need an heir. He tells her he also feels that her Grandmother needs to repent as well and follow in her ways. Margaery goes to her grandmother and tells her that the God’s saw that she was not harmed. Says her brother needs to repent and have his titles stripped. She also says that her grandmother needs to leave and go home as well. She slips a piece of paper into her hands and her grandmother agrees. Her Grandmother goes out and then looks. The paper had a flower drawn on it; A rose, which is the symbol of the House Tyrell. She smiles.

Jon and Sansa – They are trying to convince the Wildlings to fight Ramsay with them. They do not feel like it is their fight. They agreed to fight white walkers, but not Ramsay. He tells them that he needs them and that in order for them to survive they need to help him beat Ramsay. The Giant first agrees and then the Wildlings agree. Jon asks if Tormund if he is sure they will come. He says when they say they will do something they do it.

Cersei – She confronts Margaery’s grandmother. Says they need each other and she can’t just leave. The grandmother tells Cersei that she has lost and that she needs to come to grips with that. She has no one left and she has lost everything.

Jaime Lannister – He has come to help with the Blackfish situation. He tells those there from Frey that he is now in charge and will be handling the rest of the negotiations.

Jon and Sansa – Next stop was Bear Island with Lady Lianna. She is a demanding little woman. They ask for her assistance to bring House Stark back to the top. She doesn’t feel like she should cover them with her army. She says Jon is a Snow and Sansa is a Bolton or a Lannister from what she heard… but not a Stark. Kind of a harsh thing to say after everything Sansa has been through. Sansa stands up for herself. Sir Davos steps forward to speak for them. He convinces her by explaining that her uncle chose Jon Snow as his successor and that he chose him because he trusted him and they had the same thoughts and feelings towards approaching problems. She says House Mormont has kept faith with House Stark for years and will not break faith today. However in the end she gives up 62 men to help fight.

Jaimie – He gets to meet up with Blackfish. Jaime Lannister orders Blackfish to surrender on orders of the King. Jaime says the war is over so not to waste men’s lives over something so little. Blackfish says he was born in that castle and he will die there. They have provisions for 2 years and he doubts Jaime will wait him out.

Jon and Sansa – Is trying to talk with the Glovers but they just won their house back from the Iron borns and the Bolton’s helped them win it back. They also refused to fight alongside Wildlings. Sansa speaks up and says House Glover is pledged to House Starks and promises to come when called upon. He tells her he no longer serves House Stark after they were left high and dry when in need.

Theon – He looks incredibly uncomfortable as his sister gets busy with a prostitute. Yara wants Theon to stop cowering. She wants him to man up and start acting like an Iron Born. She tells him that if he is too damaged to come back from what happen to him then he needs to cut his wrist and end it. Otherwise they are going to sale to Meereen and make a deal with Danaerys.

Jon and Sansa – Sansa feels they need more men but Jon wants to march on Winterfell with what they have. Obviously a disagreement there. We then see Sansa writing a letter and putting her seal on it. Not sure who it is going to.

The Hound – He is with the Seven Saviors it turns out. At least that is what the group calls themselves. Some men approach asking them for their things. The leader says they have nothing but the men can join them for dinner. The Hound tells him that he wants to fight them, but the leader does not. The Hound thinks they will come back and I believe he is right. He tells the leader he is going to cut some more wood and will return to camp when he is done.

Arya – Shows men two bags of money and demands passage home to Westeros. As she is wandering around town she is approached by an older lady who turns out to be The Waif. She stabs her multiple times in the stomach before Arya can jump into the water. Then she wanders into town looking for help bleeding out but no one seems to be want to help.

The Hound – He is still chopping firewood. As he stops for a drink he notices there is no noise coming from the group. He goes running only to find them all dead. The leader is hanging from the building they were constructing. The Hound looks pissed… grabs an axe and marches off. Looks like the Hound we once new and loved (or hated) is back…

So what do you think?

Is Arya going to survive her knife attack? She was bleeding a lot.
What is the Hound going to do? Probably obliterate those men and everyone they know.
Are Jon and Sansa going to have enough men? And who was Sansa writing to for help?

We shall find out next Sunday hopefully!

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