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The Cast of ‘Suits’ Holds an All-Nighter Marathon…

‘Suits’ is one of the most popular USA Network series’ that centres around cocky New York lawyer Harvey Spector and his side-kick and non-official lawyer Michael Ross as they take on the law and New York City. It’s literally one of my favourite shows… despite living in Canada where we don’t get the USA Network (thank heavens for iTunes). Well the cast of ‘Suits’ will be hosting a 6 hour marathon along with a interactive app, you may even see yourself on television! Hosting this event will be some of your favourite characters including Harvey, Mike, Donna, Jessica, Louis and Rachel… Really they’re the only characters that matter, in my humble opinion! Check out the promo video below and make sure you tune in on June 6th for the marathon… Also, ‘Suits’ returns to USA Network on June 11th!


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