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TV RECAP: Fear the Walking Dead (2:3) “Ouroboros”

Another new episode for season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead and I was, again, not disappointed. This one was far more calm for parts of it, but still built a lot on to the story. We learn a lot about the characters as they are learning to deal with the new world. Before we go on to talk about what happen I just want to warn you that spoilers are definitely ahead. Please turn away if you have not watched episode 3 of season 2 which aired Sunday, April 24th! You have been warned!


This week we started off with the plane victims from the little snippets we have been seeing for a while now during The Walking Dead having officially crashed. It all starts by showing them in the water. They are pulling each other into a life raft. One was bitten and is quickly disposed of before he can die and turn. This leaves only 3. The Asian lady, the little boy, and one man just floating in the ocean.

Then we switch to the main group where everything is peaceful in bed until they are woke up by the sound of the boat shutting down. This is obviously not a good thing when you are trying to get somewhere without going on land! It is quickly decided that someone needs to go under the boat to figure out what is clogging the filter that takes in salt water. Travis quickly volunteers but Madison wants him to wait until sunrise. Victor refuses to wait and gets mouthy with Madison. I feel Victor is getting incredibly rude lately. More and more on edge. I’m very curious to know what is so important in Mexico that has him this anxious. I highly doubt it’s what he says it is.

Travis go under only to find a walker arm attached to a walker, of course, stuck in the filter. He gets away before it can bite him, but heads up to let the group know. He tells Victor he can fix it but it is going to take all day. Victor is pissed, but what is he going to do? Drive the boat away?

Ophelia seems to be suffering from an infection because she has run out of antibiotics. Daniel says he will take care of it and doesn’t want to ask anyone else for help.

Alicia spots some of the plane wreckage on land. What is most important to her is the suitcases all over the beach. She has been watching and there is nobody up there. She wants to go and Nick volunteers too, along with Chris. Madison is against it until Daniel volunteers to take them and keep a close eye on them. So they all load into the little boat and travel up to the beach to look for supplies. Travis gets to work on the boat. Right before Daniel left with the kids he mentioned Victor’s destination of Mexico to Madison.

While the group is gone Travis gets geared up to remove the walker from the boat filtration system and start fixing it so they can get back moving. Madison keeps an eye on him and then confront Victor. He has an all too easy explanation about where they are going. A nice little compound in Baja with high walls, food, electric, and nice people. He has secured them all a spot. But they can’t pick up more people along the way or they won’t get in. And they have to get there fast. Madison buys his story and all is well. I’m not sure at what point she got so gullible because I do not trust Victor at all! I’d sooner throw him off the boat.

On shore the group is searching through luggage. Nick helps Daniel understand what he should be looking for to help Ophelia. Cillans and Codones. Chris wanders off and finds a chunk of the plane that is still somewhat in tact. He grabs a piece of rubble to use as a weapon and makes his way inside. He encounters a few walkers strapped to chairs and makes quick work of them. Right before he is going to hit one in the head it opens it’s eyes and says “help”. Obviously NOT a walker! A survivor! He unhooks the guys seatbelt only for the guy to tumble out of the seat on to him. He pushes him off and looks at his back to see the guys spine sticking out! That is not good! There is zero way to fix that where they are. The guy is begging for help. You can tell by the look in his eyes he isn’t asking for a doctor. Chris understands and takes the weapon he is using and hits the guy in the head until he is dead.

This was a big moment in the episode for me because I feel like he was getting a glimpse at what his dad may have felt having to take care of his mom when she asked. There is a new level of understanding. Hopefully that will tame down the anger flames between the two and maybe they can rebuild some of that relationship.

Back towards shore Daniel notices Chris is missing from the group and wanders off to find him before something bad can happen. Nick and Alicia wait around for a while but Alicia get nervous and goes searching too. Daniel finds a girl, the asian lady from the plane, running across the sand towards him. She yells “They’re coming! RUN!” and bolts. You see a hoard of walkers come over the sand dune. Back to Alicia, she finds Chris as he is coming out of the plane piece. She is worried he is hurt but promises he is fine. They all head back to the shore.

When the arrive back there is pure chaos. Nick has gone missing because he fell into a crevice with a walker. Awesome walker by-the-way. He was being eaten by crabs. Kind of awesome! The group is fending off the walker herd as they try to make their way towards the boat. They all pick up anything they can to beat off the approaching ones. Madison hears the gunshots from the boat and alerts Travis and Victor. Victor tells Travis to fire up the boat! Travis clears the remaining piece of walker hand from the filter and sees the water start to come in. The boat comes on and everything starts to work again.

Back on shore it seems the group is losing the battle. Alicia is barely holding a walker at bay when a blood covered Nick barges in and bashes its brains out! Alicia freaks out thinking he’s hurt, but he tells her he is fine. She hugs him for a good minute. I’m freaking out because who sits there hugging while a swarm of walkers closes in? They head towards the boat, but Nick pauses to walk straight up to a walker. Because he is covered in blood it doesn’t smell him. He even growls and nips his teeth at it. It’s about time someone figures out Glenn and Rick’s trick from The Walking Dead.

The group gets their boat and heads out. When they make it back to the big boat they are towing the plane survivors boat with them. Victor completely freaks out saying they cannot take anymore. Remembering their conversation, Madison agrees with him. Alicia starts screaming. Madison agrees to give them food and water when Travis brings it up and then offers to tow them behind the boat to San Diego. Victor doesn’t want to but Madison talks him into it. They leave the two (yes, the plane survivors are now down to two) in the yellow inflatable life raft and tow them behind the boat. Alicia is pretty pissed about this.

What really pisses me off is the episode ended with Madison watching the boat behind them and Strand comes out of no where and karate chops the rope tying them to the big boat. They are now stranded in the middle of no where with very little food and water. Madison says nothing. Grow a backbone Madison! What is wrong with you?

Is it just me or is Strand completely losing it? I know it’s his boat but come on. I’d be throwing far more questions at him than just “you know what you’re doing?” Madison is being far too trusting and I disagree with this. Travis needs to say something. Daniel needs to do something because we know he doesn’t trust Strand. Nick? Anyone? He’s lost it. I wonder how Alicia is going to react when she finds out what he did. Maybe she will throw him overboard. One can only hope.

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