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TV RECAP: Game of Thrones (6:9) – “Battle of the Bastards’

SPOILER ALERT! There will be spoilers ahead. Obviously! Many details about Sunday’s episode “Battle of the Bastards” will be exposed so if you have not watched, make sure you do so before reading this. You have been warned.

Game of Thrones

I’m going to start off with OH MY GOSH THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! Probably my favorite episode of the series. Very intense. Lots of action. Lots of stuff finally happening that we have been waiting for! I still love the Hodor episode. That was probably the most emotional they’ve ever done. This was the most action packed. Love it! Such a good episode and great directing. So let’s get to it!

Danearys has come back to a war with the slave owners. Her and Tyrion are disagreeing on what he did and what it has caused. They bring the leaders to them and ask for talk of surrender. They want her to surrender and leave all her people behind to be sold. They say they want THEM to surrender. He reminds her she is no longer in charge. Drogon rides up and lands beside her. She climbs on. She rides off towards the land. The other two dragons join her. She lights the ships on fire with the dragons and quickly destroy them. Meanwhile Tyrion tells the leaders army up on the hill that they can go home to their families instead of die for leaders who won’t die for them. They leave and the leaders are told one has to die in order to pay for breaking their breach of agreement. Two of them push another forward. Greyworm kills the two and lets the one live. Tyron tells him to go back to his people and tell them what happens when people break their agreements with the Queen of Dragons.

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark (Bolton) meet with their house leaders and Ramsay’s people. Ramsay, as usual is a complete arrogant jerk. He thinks they are returning Sansa. Jon offers Ramsay to fight one on one and he turns him down. Coward! Obviously! Ramsay shows him Rickon’s dog’s head and Sansa says “You die tomorrow Ramsay. Sleep well.”

Jon and Sansa are arguing over the battle plan because Jon is not asking her opinion and she knows Ramsay best of all of them. Jon says she is right. Sansa says they need more men. Jon says they have all they are going to get. Sansa tells him if Ramsay wins she will never go back there alive. Jon says he will never allow him to touch her again. Sansa says she can’t protect anyone, let alone her.

Davos takes a walk and comes across the wood pile from when Stannis’ daughter was burned alive. He finds the little wooden dear he carved her. I’m nervous now that he knows.

Theon and Yara reach Meereen. They offer Daenerys up 100 ships and men to sail them. They just want her to support their claim to the iron throne. They inform her of their uncles intention of making her a deal of marriage in exchange for the fleet. Yara and Dany seem to like each other. They tell Dany they do not want the Seven Kingdoms, just the Iron Islands back. Dany offers an alliance and they shake.

The Stark army faces the Ramsay army. Ramsay brings forward Rickon and releases him. Tells him to run to his brother. As he runs he starts shooting arrows at him. Just as Jon gets to him on horse Ramsay lands an arrow straight through his back into his chest. Ramsay’s army charges. The most epic shot is shown of Jon pulling his sword and awaiting the line of men on horses. I will find a screen grab of that! The fight ensues. To sum it up quickly…. The Stark army is getting SLAUGHTERED! There are just too many of Ramsay’s men. They quickly circle the Stark army into a small group and corner them. Jon almost gets smothered by dead bodies and survivors trying to make room and not get stabbed by the soldiers. Just as you think all is doomed you hear a horn. In ride… the KNIGHTS OF THE VALE! I literally cheered out loud! Ramsay’s face is priceless. He knows he is screwed at this point. The Knights of the Vale ride in and just charge right through the entire line of Ramsay men and take them out. Jon, the Giant, and Tormund see the cowardly Ramsay ride off and they follow him back to Winterfell.


The Giant breaks down the doors and gets pelted with arrows. He collapses and Jon and Tormund come in with more Wildlings who quickly take out the remaining army members. Just as Jon goes to help the Giant Ramsay shoots him in the eye with an arrow, killing him. This makes me really sad…. I love the Giant.

Ramsay tells Jon he wants a one-on-one now. He quickly starts firing arrows at Jon who blocks them with a shield. one at a time he gets closer and closer until he knocks Ramsay over and proceeds to pummel him. The only thing stopping him is Sansa coming in.

Jon, Sansa, and their men have taken over Winterfell now. Sansa demands to know where Ramsay is. He is tied up in a cell. She goes to him and he thinks he is so arrogant and great still. Sansa releases his dogs. He says they are loyal to him. She reminds him he hasn’t fed them in seven days and they are hungry. He eyes them nervously. One starts licking his face, which is all bloody. Then it just chomps down on his face. We watch as Sansa just watches while Ramsay screams as the dogs rip him up. Kind of epic and well deserved if I do say so.

So… super intense episode. The Mother of Dragons is ready to take on Westeros. Jon and Sansa have taken back Winterfell with one epic battle… and the help of the Knights of the Vale (and the creepy kid who use to love his mothers breast milk.) But he’s awesome for sending an army. What’s next for Jon and Sansa? There IS still a white walker army out there somewhere. Where is Bran? Looking forward to more next week! Cannot wait!!! Tweet me your thoughts @Kristin_Downer or @NerdProbsBlog now! I want to know what you think!

I also want to give props to those in charge of direction and producing. This episode has some great work. The part where Jon was waiting for the army was amazing. Some great action shots, like Jon shoving a nice completely through one of Ramsay’s guys. Or when Jon was being trampled you could feel the claustrophobia with him. It was crazy. So great job! Hats off!

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