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TV RECAP: Outlander (2:10) – Prestonpans

Spoilers lie ahead! If you have not watched episode 10 of Outlander please do not continue!



As the episode opens, we see Claire coming across a dead Scotsman in the woods while looking for a place to relieve herself. He is bloated and covered in maggots. Instead of telling Jamie about him she just grabs his weapon and moves on. Next, we are back at camp with Prince Charles, Jamie, and his other Generals. They are fighting amongst themselves over where to fight from and if the bog is or isn’t safe to walk over with men and horses. Prince Charles is back in all of his glory and is just as mousy and odd as ever. On a side note, all of the tartan patterns for each of the clans are gorgeous. The varying patterns and colors are just eye catching. After leaving the meeting with the Generals, Prince Charles asks Jamie for a little “fire-side” chat. He tells Jamie that when the fighting starts he wants Claire to treat the injured British first and the Scottish next. Jamie tells him that he needs to keep that quiet as the men will not appreciate that sentiment nor will Claire follow that order. Prince Charles says that perhaps her husband can bring her around to that idea, Jamie highly doubts that as well. The men are starting to get cabin fever. They want to fight and so have taken to fighting among themselves instead. Jamie tells Dougal that he plans to test the bog himself by taking his horse across it. Dougal doesn’t like that idea since he thinks that because Jamie is Prince Charle’s right-hand man that he shouldn’t risk his life. Dougal tells him that he will do it, which is basically what I think Jamie was fishing for.

We then see Dougal taking his horse across the bog to see if it will hold man and beast. Dougal starts out well then his horse gets stuck as the British camp begins to fire bullets at him. Barely missing him each time, he has to get off his horse and help him out of the muddy part. They finally shoot his hat off his head and graze his perfectly balding (ahem shaved) head. He finally gets his horse out and returns to camp amid clapping and cheering. He gets a rather awkward hug from Prince Charles and then tells Jamie that the hero of the hour needs to change his pants as he has shat himself. Claire is seen teaching the women of the camp how to run the hospital. From sterilizing the tools to ripping bandages and having Fergus keep the fires alite. Later that evening, while Claire is in the hospital, Fergus brings a man to her who tells them that he knows a secret way around the bog that is not on any maps. Claire rushes the man to Jamie and Prince Charles. While the others doubt him, Jamie believes him and they make a plan to have a surprise attack on the British camp soon. Before the attack we see the men asking their best friends to watch over their loved ones if they do not return. Murtagh is worried that, while is he proud to be part of this, he thinks that if he dies his death will not mean anything unless over a 1,000 men die. Fergus desperately wants to go to war with Jamie but Jamie tells him there is no one else who he would trust to keep Claire safe. The men head off to the surprise attack. As they get closer Jamie tells Prince Charles to stay back. He asks how can he retake the throne if he isn’t alive to claim it. Meanwhile, back at camp, Claire and the women are preparing to help the wounded men. This is when Claire realizes that Fergus is missing and that he has snuck off to fight with Jamie. The British are completely taken off guard and the battle rages on. Back at the hospital, Claire is already seeing people that are friends of hers, people that she knows well. Suddenly Angus brings Rupert in with a horrible slash to his chest. She tells Angus that she doesn’t know if he will survive but she will try and begins to stitch him up so infection hopefully won’t set in. Jamie and the men return to camp victorious. However Dougal holds back and we see him stabbing any British soldiers that are still alive. Suddenly, we see Angus gasping for air and collapses on the floor. Blood spewing from his mouth. Claire suddenly realizes that he has massive internal injuries from the cannonball attack. He is drowning in his own blood and there is nothing she can do about it. We see Rupert get up from his cot with a lot of effort and as Angus dies he takes up his sword and returns to his cot. As the episode comes to a close, we see Rupert and other men in the camp drowning their sorrows in booze and singing a song about laying down with dead men.

Who else thought that the battle scenes were amazing. The fog the slow motion. Obviously not the gore and blood but the way that it was shot. Why oh why did Angus have to die. Honestly, I have read all of the books and do not remember that part… (disclaimer: it was like two years ago and I have three kids under 5). Who told Prince Charles that his head to toe plaid was a good idea (see above photo)?

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