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TV RECAP: Outlander (2:11&12) Vengeance is Mine and The Hail Mary

If you are behind on Outlander, please make sure to catch up on the past two episodes BEFORE reading this recap! You have been warned. Spoilers lie ahead!


I apologize for the lateness of this recap, and with that being said it is a two part recap. Not so in depth just a mind jogger, with Episode 11 & 12, before this Saturday’s season finale.

As the episode opens, we see a bustling camp filled with all sorts of people. Blacksmiths, washer women, and even Claire acting as a dentist. We see the Generals telling Prince Charles to turn back the army and to disband it. He refuses. He wants to march on. No one stands with him but Jamie. He is forced to disband his army. After insulting him by refusing to march with him we see them fawning after him as he pouts away to his tent. As they are packing up to return to Lallybroch, Dougal shows up with an order stating that Jamie is to take the men to Inverness and set up camp there. The Generals want Jamie as far away as possible from the men. They think he has too much influence. Before Jamie can do anything about it, he finds out that they have whisked Prince Charles away before he can change the order that was given. As Jamie and his men are camping by the river, they are attacked by some British troops. As they make their escape, Rupert gets shot in his eye. Dougal saves him from falling off of his horse by jumping onto it. Claire attempts to tend to him but needs something with more protection than a hedge. They see a church in the distance and get him to safety. Claire removes the slug lodged in his eye and stitches his eye together. As they are resting they are found once again by the British. In an attempt to save them, Claire gives herself up acting as a British hostage in the hands of ruthless Scots. The British Army buy it and she secures the safety of Jamie and the men.

When they stop for the night, they tell Claire they are taking her someplace different than where she and Jaime thought. She manages to get the message to him in the form of the “beggar” Monroe. He is Jamie’s old friend from the army. They take Claire to the Duke of Sandringham’s house. Claire realizes with a sickening feeling that the Duke will blow her cover. Instead, he keeps her secret. Claire and the Duke have an interesting dinner. The Duke says that he will get word to Jamie as to where Claire is in exchange for also taking him along as well. Claire agrees and she writes a note to Jaime and the Duke takes it to be delivered. Suddenly Mary walks into the room and tells Claire that she is the Duke’s goddaughter. Once again Mary begs Claire to get her out of the arranged marriage. Once thing leads to another and Claire realizes that it was the Duke himself who arranged for the rape and attack of her and Mary in the back alleys of Paris. The Duke arranged it because he owed the Comte a lot of money and it was his way of repaying him. Claire is horrified and realizes that Jamie is walking into a trap and that she is no longer a welcome guest but a prisoner. Claire is locked in her room and is later let out by a super wimpy Mary. Claire is attempting to sneak out the kitchen door but is stopped by the Duke having a late night snack. Jamie still manages to sneak into the Duke’s house. He rescues Claire as we see Murtagh sneak up behind the Duke and slice his head off with a swift stroke. He then lays it at Mary’s feet saying he promised vengeance and he fulfilled his promise. Mary then grabs a dirk and kills the man who raped her. He had become the secretary to the Duke after leaving Paris.

While looking for Jamie and his men why didn’t the British check the Church? They just assumed no one else was there. Even though the Duke is a complete cad, I really liked his character and the way the actor portrays him. He makes the book character come to life. Murtagh and Jamie mocking Claire’s Galic is so funny. I love how they even mock the fact that she spelled help wrong.


As the episode opens, we see Jamie with Claire and his men riding into camp at Inverness. The camp appears ragged and the men are more ragtag than usual. Jamie has Dougal go out and search for the British. Claire goes to the local apothecary and finds Mary Hawkins buying Laudanum at the store. Mary acts bitchy towards Claire and she discovers that Mary knows what she did in Paris. Convincing Alex to “dump her” since he was sick and it wouldn’t be a good match for her. Claire apologizes profusely and asks Mary if she can come take a look at Alex to see if there was anything she could do to help. We see that Prince Charles is also in Inverness. Jamie tells them what he thinks they should do so he can hopefully change the results of the Culloden Moor slaughter. Jamie is dumbstruck when Prince Charles refuses and says to rest the men then continue on as planned. Claire goes to check Alex and finds him much, much worse than Mary let on. Suddenly Black Jack is there. A surprise visit to see his brother. Claire is shocked to see him but he obviously loves and cares deeply for his brother. He pays for his room and board and any medicine he may need. Claire tells Mary there is nothing she can do. Black Jack gets mad and doesn’t understand until Claire tells him bluntly there is nothing she can do. She barters pain relief for Alex in exchange for the location of the British Army. Black Jack agrees. Back at the house, Colum comes for a visit. He sends his sympathy for the death of Angus. Claire gives him a once over. He informs Claire that he is in pain. Claire offers to get him laudanum which he refuses, saying it dulls the senses. He wants something more permanent, more fatal. He is asking for Claire to assist in his suicide.

Alex begs Black Jack to marry Mary to protect their unborn child once he dies. Also to ensure she is well taken care of and has a roof over her head. Black Jack agrees and they get married standing at the foot of Alex’s death bed. Claire and Murtagh are witnesses to the nuptials. Colum informs Jamie and Dougal that he is appointing his son, Hamish, as the next leader of the clan. With Ned McGowan providing any advice that he needs until he is of age. Dougal is fully insulted and his face shows it. All the blood, sweat and tears he has put into the time with his brother down the drain. He is even more insulted when Collum asks Jamie and Claire to be Hamish’s guardians until he is of age. Back with Prince Charles they use the information they got from Black Jack to plan a sneak attack on the British while at they are at Cumberlands birthday party. They agree to the terms. Jamie and the Generals will lead one line of soldiers and Prince Charles and John will lead the other. As the episode comes to a close, we see Colum dying as Dougal pours out his heart to his brother while drunk. Alex dies with a tearful Mary at his side. Once he dies, Black Jack is so overwhelmed with anger he punches and beats his dead brother repeatedly, much to the shock of Mary and Claire.

Applause to Tobias Menzies for his performance as Black Jack in the pub. That scene with Claire was just WOW! I think I am going to have to reread the Outlander series during the hiatus this time, who’s with me?! Again with the head to toe red tartan, c’mon Prince Charles NO just NO.

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