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TV RECAP: Outlander (2:13) Dragonfly in Amber

This is the season finale for Series 2. Even though I informed you that this episode was going to be 90 minutes instead of the normal 53-56 I totally forgot about it until I watched it. They have just announced that Series 3 based on the book Voyager will be 13 episodes and haven’t announced when that will air.



The episode opens with a very grown up Roger hiding with the kids watching the show The Avengers. (I loved watching that show, I loved Diana Rigg) He is avoiding the people at his father’s, Rev. Wakefield, wake. As the camera pans across the guests we see Claire standing in the background looking older and more dignified. After speaking a few words at the wake, Roger spots Bree walking around the house. He tries to catch up to her but keeps getting stopped by everyone wishing him their sympathies. When he finally catches up with her they are quickly joined by Claire. She gives him her sympathies and asks if he remembers her. He doesn’t. The last time she saw him was when he was 7 or 8 years old. But once she mentions Frank Randall his memory is jogged and he remembers her. She excuses herself and asks Roger if she can wander around for memory sake. She realizes that she has stopped chasing ghosts but being back in the place makes her feel like the ghosts are chasing her. Roger invites them to stay for the night and they agree. Roger runs into Claire later in the night as they both have decided that a dram of whiskey will help them sleep. As they are chatting, she learns that his surname used to be MacKenzie. It only became Wakefield after the Rev adopted him. She tells him that she knew a lot of MacKenzies. When she goes back to her room she stares out at the full moon then turns back to a sleeping Bree, gently covers her up and tells her she looks just like him. Suddenly, we flash to the past and we see Jamie trying to talk Prince Charles into not marching. He refuses and walks away. Murtagh comes up to Jamie and tells him that he was just informed the British have broken camp and are marching towards them.

(For the next few sections I will say back in present or back in past. This part of the episode did a lot of back and forth story telling)

Back in the present, Roger is showing Bree the beautiful sights of Scotland. He takes her to Fort Williams and she sees the gallows that her father, Jamie was lashed to and received his beating from Black Jack. She tells Roger that the place gives her the chills. While Roger is showing Bree around we see Claire driving up to a decaying, beautiful ruin. We find out that it is Lallybroch. Claire walks up the steps and tries to get in but the door is chained shut. She sits on the top step and we can hear her remembering all the sounds from Lallybroch. She looks up and “sees” Jamie standing in the courtyard looking at her. Back in the past, we see Claire asking Jamie that if Prince Charles dies right now would they have to have the battle. Jamie is slightly shocked at this idea but knows that it is a viable option. Claire says that since she has been treating Prince Charles for scurvy she could just slip it into his tincture mixture. She also tells him what she did for Colum and helping him with his suicide by providing the means to do it. He is disturbed by this confession as suicide is considered a sin. Back in the present, Bree is asking Roger if she ever remembers an incident with her parents. He says he doesn’t but there was a time when he remembers Mrs. Graham, the housekeeper, crying after Frank smashed the gardening shed to bits due to finding out about Claire’s pregnancy. Roger tells her the Rev. always wrote in his journal and, if she didn’t mind getting dirty, they could haul them out of the attic. While this is going on Claire has been to the public records office and has gotten a copy of the Property Transfer of Lallybroch. At the bottom is her signature as well as Murtagh’s. She asks if they could do a genealogy search on Roger. That night Bree asks Claire outright if she ever loved Daddy.

Back in the past, Jamie and Claire are still talking about the poison. We see the ominous face of Dougal listening to the conversation from behind a door. He bursts into the room and calls Claire a filthy wench and Jamie an ungrateful bastard. Back in the present, Roger is taking Bree to the college while he has a meeting. She beings to wander around and runs into a woman holding a rally about what would have happened if the Scottish had won at the Battle of Culloden. This whole time we have only heard her voice and suddenly we see who it is and it is Geillis Duncan! Claire is in a museum looking at things from the Battle of Culloden. She has a slight rant to the man standing next to her about Prince Charles and being put on a pedestal. Behind her, she hears a couple asking each other what the item was in the case. The husband answers it looks like something frozen in amber. This gets Claire’s attention immediately. Back in the past, Dougal is getting more and more worked up. He calls Jamie a traitor and a traitor to Scotland. He draws his sword on Jamie and they start to fight and boy do they fight dirty. Eventually, they fall on the floor in a pile still fighting. Dougal has his dirk and is trying to stab Jamie. Jamie starts to overpower him and with Claire’s help they stab him. Back in the present, Roger and Bree are in the attic searching for the Rev. journals. Roger finds the old airplane he used to play with as a child. Bree finds a box marked “Randall”. Inside they find papers and a photo of Frank and Claire on their wedding day. Back in the past, Rupert walks into the room just as Jamie is pulling the dirk out of his uncle. Rupert is angry, Jamie pleads with him for two hours to get things in order. Rupert gives him the two hours then tells him this will damn him to hell.

Back in the present, we see Claire walking across the Culloden Moor. She can hear Frank telling her all about it. She eventually reaches the Clan Fraser stone memorial. Claire begins to tell Jamie all about Bree and talking to him about being so angry at him for making her leave. Eventually, we see time has passed and she has basically spent all day talking to him. After 20+ years she is finally able to tell Jamie “good-bye”. Back at the Rev. house, we see Bree going through the box labeled “Randall.” She finds the news article about Claire being returned by fairies. She firmly tells Roger she wants the truth from her mother. Bree confronts her mother and accuses her of an affair. Claire tells her it’s complicated. Bree tells her it is time to tell her, she was 3 months pregnant when the fairies brought her back. Claire agrees but tells her to sit down. Claire tells her there was another man and she loved him very much. Bree accuses her of lying. Claire quietly tells her you can’t meet your dad anyway. Bree tells her that she doesn’t want to know a single thing about him. Roger stops her from storming off and says you wanted to know the truth. Back in the past, we see Jamie telling Murtagh he killed Dougal. Murtagh tells him he is surprised it took him this long. We see them signing over the property of Lallybroch to Jamie’s nephew and Jamie sending Fergus away to safety with the deed for Lallybroch. In the present, Bree accuses her mother of cooking up the story. In the heat of the moment, Claire tells her that Jamie was the love of her life. Bree still doesn’t believe her and wishes her mother dead instead of Frank and storms off. Claire is heartbroken at this outburst.

Roger kind of believes Claire. He found a document of the Rev. and says it seems true. The copy of the deed is also seemingly authentic. Roger tells Bree that maybe they should keep an open mind. Claire is back at the house looking at all the documents her daughter was reading and finds a picture of Geillis Duncan. Claire goes looking for her at her house. She is met at the door by her drunk and rather surly husband. He tells her that he told her to go look for a job and she stormed off, but that was weeks ago. He passes out from the booze and Claire takes one of Geillis’s notebooks from the end table. Bree and Roger in the meantime have run into her at the pub and she tells them that she is leaving tonight to “further the cause.” In the past, Jamie is telling Murtagh to lead his men away from the battle and back home to save them. Jamie tells him that he will take Claire to safety and then return to fight. Murtagh says he will do what Jamie asks but also return to fight by Jamie’s side. He says that he won’t be fighting for nothing, he will be dying with Jamie. Back in the present, Bree tells her mother that she doesn’t want to argue anymore. Bree calls it her mother’s delusion. Claire is excited when Bree asks her to tell her more about Jamie. Claire tells her some things but says it will take to long, but she will tell her all about it eventually. Downstairs Roger is reading papers and Claire comes in to get her things about Geillis. Claire tells Roger about his ancestors. That he was related to Dougal and Geillis as they were his seven-time Grandparents.

In the past we see the men marching to their death of the moor. Jamie is taking Claire the opposite way, dragging her to safety. Jamie tells her she is pregnant. She is shocked that he noticed. Jamie tells her she needs to go through the stones like she promised. They don’t want this to happen but know it is for the best. In the present, we see Geillis dumping gas and burning her husband as a sacrifice to the stones. Suddenly we can hear the stones talking and we see her grab the stones and vanish into thin air. Bree has witnessed all of this and immediately believes her mother. In the past, Jamie is riding Claire to the standing stones so she can save herself and the unborn baby. Claire asks him how she is going to explain all of this. Jamie tells her to explain what she wishes. He tells her to tell Frank “thank you” and that he is a lucky man. Claire wants Jamie to go but Jamie cannot hear the stones humming like she can. Let’s have a quick one for the road shall we right in the dirt here. In the distance, we can hear the beginning of war. The volley of cannons and the sound of muskets cracking. Claire gives Jamie the Dragonfly in Amber as a gift to keep with him. Jamie gives Claire his father’s ring and Claire promises to name the baby Brian after Jamie’s dad. Jamie walks Claire into the circle of stones and she can hear them buzzing around her. He kisses her and she reaches out and touches the stone and is gone in the blink of an eye. Suddenly back in the present, Bree is shocked to find that everything her mother told her was true. Claire tells her that she didn’t have to make a sacrifice when she went through. Bree tells her no more lies, only truths. As the sun rises Roger returns from notifying the police of the dead body. Roger, at the prompting of Bree, gives Claire paperwork that Frank requested but never received. Roger tells her that Jamie might have been spared and survived the massacre. At that moment Claire knows that she must go back through the stones and find Jamie.

The housekeeper Fiona is not how I imagined her. I imagined her more frumpy and little heavier. Am I wrong with that mental picture of her? I have GOT to visit Scotland. I have been to London and to Dover but have never ventured north to Scotland. It is now on my “bucket list”. I truly hated the constant time jumping. I would just get into a story and then boom there we were in a different era. Hmmm, wondering if when I reread the books if I should start at the beginning or start with next seasons book? What do you think? Pretty sure that if I spoke to my mother the way Bree did, I wouldn’t have seen the light of day for months.

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