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TV RECAP: Outlander (2:3) “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”

Before you continue please be aware there are spoilers below regarding the most recent episode of Outlander. If you have not watched, please do not continue reading without realizing you will know what happen! You have been warned!

Useful Occupations and Deceptions


This episode opens with Claire waking with a start as she hears a horse whiney. She is alone in bed. As she looks out the window she sees Jamie coming home after another night of wining and dining with Prince Chalie. He comes home, changes his clothes and leaves again. As Claire leans in for a kiss, the smell of his clothes repulses her and she gets hit with a wave of morning sickness. Claire at this point is feeling rather left out. Jamie spends all of his time either with Prince Chalie or running Jared’s wine business. When looking for Suzette, her chambermaid, she catches Murtagh in bed with her. She confides in Murtagh that she has discovered Black Jack is still alive and well. He agrees that keeping this fact from Jamie is indeed protecting him. As he leaves the room to go back to Suzette she asks him what he does for birth control. She decides that she will go to Master Raymond and get something for her. When she arrives at Master Raymond she runs into the Comte San Germain. She is confused as to why Master Raymond would consort with the likes of him when he said that he is not friends with him at all.

From Master Raymond, she finds out that the Charity Hospital is looking for people to volunteer their time to help run it. In a bid to feel useful, Claire has Murtagh chaperone her down there to volunteer. Thinking that she is just another easily grossed out person they just give her the job of emptying the chamber pots. She sees a woman who is pale and clammy. She proceeds to taste the urine and with Madame Hildegarde watching correctly diagnoses her with Diabetes or Sugar Sickness as they called it in the 18th Century. From there, they give her more and more jobs to do: lancing boils, dressing wounds, and suturing lacerations. Jamie is not pleased with this new thing that Claire has decided to do. While he is concerned for the health of their unborn child, he thinks that she needs to be a tea drinking, dress shopping housewife. At least while he is trying to figure out what Prince Chalie is planning. This makes the wall growing between them even more pronounced.

Once again, the current episode of Outlander was good. A lot of it was getting you prepared for other things to come. I will say that Dragonfly in Amber was one of my least favorite books in the series. I am interested to see how they will adapt it to big- screen. I am thrilled with the casting of Madame Hildegarde, played by the wonderful Frances de la Tour. My inner Harry Potter fan-girl squealed. We also got a brief view of Claudel, or rather Fergus, since he and Jamie agree Fergus is a much better name. Fergus works in the brothel that Jamie frequents with Prince Charlie. Mainly occupied clearing the dishes while pickpocketing from the patrons. Jamie sees this and takes Fergus under his wing. Clothing and feeding him in return for Fergus pickpocketing high profile mail for him. I am only briefly mentioning Fergus because he is one of my favorite characters besides Jamie, Claire and Murtagh of couse. I am sure that over the next few episodes we will see him more and more.

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