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TV RECAP: Outlander (2:9) Je Suis Prest

We are in the final countdown to the last episodes of the season. After this recap, we only have three episodes left! Starz also just announced that the season finale will be 90 minutes long! That is extra-time of bare-chested clansmen and sexy…..I mean just plain…..Scottish brogues. Spoilers lay ahead. You have been warned.




As the episode opens, Claire and Jamie are marching to meet Murtagh and the Fraser’s. From the top of the rise, you see a big open camp with a bunch of scraggly fighters. Murtagh is thrilled to see Jamie and Claire. He takes them into camp and they are reunited with an overjoyed Fergus. He is tired of being with Murtagh who makes him darn his socks and fetch his meals. Finally, we get Rupert and Angus back!! Boy, how I have missed those two. With the way they built up the whole Willie thing, I was sure that he was dead. Alas, he just got married and moved to America. Dougal is back and is just as ehhhhhh as ever. I think that he is always scheming and coming up with things to work in his favor. He is proud of Jamie as if he was his own son for joining the Jacobite cause. Jamie asks Murtagh, Rupert, Angus and Dougal to help him to train the men. They agree and begin the training. The men, however, much to Jamie’s dismay, have no clue how to fight or to march.

Claire is extra suspicious of Dougal. She worries that he has other reasons for joining beside what he tells Jamie. Claire begins to have flashbacks. They all begin when she sees Murtagh yelling obscenities at the men and while watching Fergus play a game with them. Throughout the episode, Claire’s flashbacks become more and more intense and more debilitating as they progress. They begin to unnerve her and she basically has PTSD from dealing with WW2. Finally, Jamie finds Claire laying on the ground with her fingers in her ears and he forces her to tell him what is going on. She reveals the whole thing and he promises her that he will never leave her. Back to the rest of the episode. Dougal is very excited about the progress of the men but Jamie has other thoughts. He thinks they need more practice and when they let Dougal get past the sentries with new men, Jaime whips them to prove a point. He then puts Dougal in charge of the sentries as a whole and the guarding of the camp. Later, while Jamie is overseeing the training, he takes it upon himself to recount his first battle in France and basically scares the crap out of them. Not sure what end game he was looking for but it seems to work and they train harder. Pretty sure I didn’t need to see Dougal and his men without their shirts….can not unsee that.

Multiple times during this episode Jamie puts Dougal in his place and Dougal has to take it like a man. He doesn’t like it and it shows on his face. Finally, we meet William Grey! William Grey slips into camp and plans on killing Jamie but Jamie instead breaks his arm and holds him hostage. Jaime demands to know the enemy positions and what weapons the British have. Claire sees that he will not talk so she tells Jamie what a piece of scum he is. Jamie plays along and tells Claire what he will do to sexually ravage her. William, fearing that Claire is a British prisoner, agrees to tell Jamie in exchange for Claire’s safety. The way they play that whole thing in the show is just as good as the book. This time, it was Dougal’s men who let a man slip past the guards. Jamie allows Murtagh to lash him because it was their unshielded fire that called attention. 6 lashes for the fire and 12 for carelessness. After the lashing, Jamie makes plans to go raid the British camp. Dougal is forced behind to guard the camp and that doesn’t make him happy one bit. They only kill one man then remove all the wheels from the cannons and burn them when they get back to camp. As the episode closes, we see the whole camp marching to join Prince Charles. Jamie allows Dougal to go into camp first and announce their allegiance to the cause.
I cannot wait for the soundtrack to come out for this season. Does anyone else find Dougal a rather pompous character who always has an ulterior motive for everything that he does? I am fairly certain that Murtagh would be that one boot camp instructor that no one wants to have. Who else is dreading the ending of the season soon? I might have to reread the books just to get my fix.

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