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TV RECAP: Outlander – Season 3, Episode 3 – Of Lost Things


If you have not watched Season 3, episode 3 of Outlander or episodes before, please stop where you are! Lots of spoilers lay ahead!!


I’m going to try a new form of recap writing today. I get pretty long winded trying to hit all the high points.


-Claire (finally!) is in Scotland and trying to find Jamie. We see the return of Roger and Bree. Claire finds him in the Ardsmuir Prison records but he disappears again in the late 1750’s.

-Jamie is settling in as stable hand at Helwater. Lord Dunsany warns Jamie that the Lady of the house dispises Scotsman after their child was killed in the Battle of Culloden.

-We see the daughter, Lady Geneva, flirting with Jamie and beginning to lay a foundation for what is to come.

-Joe Abernathy calls Claire while she is in Scotland and practically begs her to come back.

-Lady Geneva gets betrothed to Lord Ellesmere, a man old enough to be her grandfather. You see her look at Jamie in a new way. She demands that Jamie take her on her daily ride.

-While John Grey is visiting Jamie for his quarterly check-in, Isobel, Geneva and John Grey’s brother stumble upon them playing chess. You can tell John Grey’s brother is pretty angry that he has once again found Red Jamie and that his brother knew all along that he was alive.

-Remember his brother was the one that packs a severely injured Jamie into the wagon and sent him home after finding him in the shack after the Battle of Colluden.

-Geneva blackmails Jamie into taking her virginity. She refuses to give an old man her maidenhead. She tells Jamie that she will tell everyone who his true identity is and that she would destroy his family if he doesn’t. He agrees but only to protect his family.

-That night he goes up to her room as planned. He tells her not to call him Jamie but Alex, as he doesn’t want to call him by his given name. She sees his back and she gasps. He takes her virginity and she tells him she loves him. He tells her it isn’t love. Love isn’t a feeling its heart and soul. That missing piece of you.

-A few months later, Geneva and Lord Ellesmere come and visit and we see that Geneva is heavily pregnant with Jamie’s baby. He seems shocked to see this.

-Fiona returns Jamie’s pearls to Claire. Claire is overjoyed. She had given them to Fiona’s grandmother and she never thought she would see them again.

-Bree is pretty worried about her mom going back. Just as she is breaking that wall down between them.

-Lady Isobel races to the stables and tells Jamie to get the carriages around. Geneva is in labor and there are complications.

-Geneva dies after giving birth but the child, a boy, is ok.
-Lord Ellesmere knows that the child is not his. He threatens to kill the baby. Lord Dunsany has a gun pointed at him. Jamie steps between and gets the gun from him. Lord Ellesmere tries to kill the baby again but Jamie shoots him.

-Lady Isobel tells Jamie she knows the truth about the baby. She doesn’t blame Jamie. She knows her sister did what she wanted. She tells Jamie they named the boy William, Willie for short.

-Geneva’s mother informs Jamie that he has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of Lord Ellesmere. She says that she would be happy to give Jamie an early release. Jamie refuses as he wants to see William grow up.

-In Edinburgh, Claire is getting depressed. They cannot find the ship manifests of Jamie leaving Scotland. She decides that she is going to return to Boston.

-Jamie decides he needs to leave Helwater. William is growing and is looking more and more like Jamie every day. Soon people will begin to realize the truth.

-Jamie offers John Grey his body in exchange for keeping an eye on William and helping to raise him. John, though he refuses the offer of his body, tells Jamie he will help raise William. At the same time, he tells Jamie that he is marrying Isobel. Jamie seems shocked as he knows John is gay. John says he has always been very fond of Isobel.

-That night William sneaks out to the stables. He sees Jamie taking out his St. Anthony statue. Kind of ties in with the Of Lost Things in the title. He finds out that Jamie is a “stinking Papist.” William asks to be a stinking Papist as well. Jamie “baptizes” William. Jamie gives William a snake that he carved, it looks exactly like the one that Jamie carries with him wherever he goes.

-As the episode closes Jamie is leaving Helwater and Claire is leaving Scotland heading back to Boston

This episode was fairly slow. It was a lot easier to follow. There wasn’t so much bouncing back and forth. While I liked how they did the whole blackmail sex scene, I did not like how much Jamie looked like he enjoyed it. There was way too much licking and groping to be something that he was forced to do. They did portray Geneva perfectly though. I really liked how they showed the relationship between William and Jamie as well as the one between John Grey and Jamie. They have a friendship that will carry on for a while. I am really getting antsy for them to get the two main characters back together.

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