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Kristin – Editor/Reviewer

Super Mom and Epic Book Nerd who can’t stand to sit still (unless reading), you will usually find her with a book in hand or within reach. She ran a successful online radio channel and blog that brought fans up close and personal with their favorite music, television and movie stars. If she’s not reading, you can find her playing video games, watching her favorite TV shows or movies, doing a Sudoku puzzle or spending time with her mini-me. She loves books of all kinds and never leaves home without one (or many).

Favorite genres: Mystery/Thriller, YA Fiction, Historical Fiction

Twitter: @Kristin_Downer

Instagram: @KristinDowner

Bookstagram: @Krist1nreads

Pinterest: @maired75

NetGalley Credentials:

Professional Reader
2015 Challenge Participant
2016 NetGalley Challenge
200 Book Reviews
Reviews Published
Frequently Auto-Approved

Elizabeth (Liz) – Co-Editor/Reviewer

Stay-at-home mom to three small children, it’s amazing she finds time for anything. Liz loves to read, travel (hasn’t done it in a while), and cook. Born and raised in Three Rivers, Michigan and currently residing in Northern Michigan. She loves sharing her book thoughts/reviews with you!!

Favorite genres: Romance, Historical Fiction

Twitter: @springerek_cole

Bookstagram: @BookBoss85

NetGalley Credentials:

Reviews Published
50 Book Reviews
2016 NetGalley Challenge

Amy – Reviewer

Born and raised in Michigan, Amy is a proud wife, mother, and Christian.  She currently teaches 8th grade Language Arts, where she can show her nerdy tendencies in her love for punctuation, book discussions, descriptive words, and parallel structure.  She also enjoys reading, shopping, spending time with her family, and eating really delicious food.

Favorite genres: YA Fiction, Historical Fiction

Megan – Reviewer

A nerd that approaches every obsession with a cerebral Ravenclaw style. She, in the past, worked for a successful online radio channel and is currently a co-host on NerdProbs sister podcast Talk Nerdy to Me Radio. Her passions include musicology, philosophy, politics, non-fiction books, and anything that makes her think. When she is not thinking, she is hiking or drinking scotch with interesting people.

Favorite Genres: Non-Fiction

Twitter: @ExplorerMegs

Blog: https://mindfulkerouacophy.blogspot.com/

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