Author Kendra Kilbourn Releases Second Book in Adelaide Trilogy

Kendra Kilbourn is a name you may not know, but should look into. An author based out of a small town in Michigan, Kilbourn has released many books through the popular reading service Amazon and their well-known Kindle device and apps. With many books under her belt, Kilbourn has just released the second book in her Adelaide Trilogy.

FM Cover


The Adelaide Trilogy follows the story of Celeste Moon as she uncovers truths about her past and future and finds herself wrapped in a world she never even knew existed. These books are packed full of action, adventure, romance, and growing friendships, along with a side of evil dripping throughout. Eternal Sun is the first book in the series, with Fragile Moon releasing today, November 26th, just in time for the long holiday weekend.

Swing over to Amazon and pick up your copy now. Eternal Sun is FREE today as well so you can make sure to get both. Fragile Moon has a listing price of only $2.99! That is a steal for two books. Kilbourn has one more planned to wrap up the Adelaide trilogy.

Artwork for both books in the Adelaide trilogy were created by Vicky Gorman.

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