BOOK REVIEW: Accidentally Amy by Lynn Painter


Title: Accidentally Amy
Author: Lynn Painter
Publication: September 3, 2022
Publisher: —
Genre: Romance
Pages: 244


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SYNOPSIS (From Goodreads)


Isabella Shay is usually a very honest person.

But when she’s running late for her first day at a dream job and the barista yells for “Amy” 3x with no answer, she does the unthinkable.

Izzy takes that PSL.

It’s the exact drink she ordered and paid for, only waaaay further ahead in the line, so she mutters “I’m Amy” and grabs the cup.

But when she turns around and runs directly into the most attractive man she’s ever seen, spilling the drink all over his GQ shirt and tie, she ends up having the ultimate meet-cute. Sparks fly and things feel beyond promising until he says the words, “See you tomorrow, Amy.”

Uh, oh – she’ll definitely have to straighten him out the following day.

Only when she gets to her new office and meets the VP of her department, it is none other than Blake Phillips – the hottie from Starbucks. And the man might’ve been charming to “Amy,” but he is an arrogant grump to Izzy, an arrogant grump who dos not find her explanation funny at all.


If you look back a few reviews, you will know I recently reviewed Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter and I absolutely loved it! I had to read more and needed a new audiobook to to listen to. So that is how I found myself reading Accidentally Amy. In my head I was going to get a very similar book to the first one I read, but oh my goodness…. that is not what I got.

The story follows Izzy as she meets Blake only to find out he is her boss. That is not going to work. While the story sounds like it is going to be predictable right off the top, it actually wasn’t. Izzy is such a fun character. She reminds me of a group of girls from a TV show I watched a few years ago. She’s fun, and adventurous, but also ambitious and wants the work/life balance. That was Izzy. I loved the personality she brought out in Blake and their phone conversations. I think Painter created these characters that are easy to love and cheer on. Sometimes you just need a happy story where the characters lift you up and this is what Painter created.

My only warning to readers is the spice level. Having just come off reading Painters YA Fiction novel Better Than the Movies, I was not expecting a high level of spice, but Spice is what I got! There is a lot of sexual activity in this book. It is done well and I had no problem reading it, but if you are coming from the YA side of Painters writing, you may be a little shocked at first! This did not weigh on my rating of this book though because it was done extremely well.

Lynn Painter is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors. I cannot wait to read more of her books and you will be reading my reviews soon. An absolute must-read for all romance lovers.

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