BOOK REVIEW: An Irish Attraction: Emerald Isle Enchantment by Louisa Masters

Title: An Irish Attraction: Emerald Isle Enchantment
Author: Louisa Masters
Publication: March 17, 2019
Publisher: Amazon Digital Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 130

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

While a paranormal investigator and a hotel concierge butt heads, matchmaking ghosts and an enchanted elevator cause mischief. It’s just another day at Castle Tullamore.

Keela Keane sees things others think aren’t there. It’s the perfect talent for a paranormal investigator and has served her well across the globe. She’s at the top of her field and ready for a new challenge: the enchanted elevator at Castle Tullamore Hotel in her homeland of Ireland. 

Senior Concierge Seamus O’Kane has been dealing with the fallout from that cursed elevator for fourteen years, but that doesn’t mean he likes being assigned to assist Dr. Keane in her investigation. Working with Keela is a revelation he never expected, and it’s not long before the project—and Keela—soften his attitude. 

But as they get closer to unraveling the secrets of the elevator, all the while dodging the efforts of the castle’s matchmaking ghosts, both Keela and Seamus are forced to admit that the magic of Tullamore might be the best thing to have ever happened to them.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I only recently heard about Louisa Masters.  I had the opportunity to review some of her other books.  I like how her main female leads are not your typical female characters.  One was a handy person, the other a housekeeper.  When I saw that she had more books coming out I knew that it was something I wanted to read.  

While Keela is a physician she is first and foremost a paranormal investigator.  She does keep her MD license up to date just in case she wants to start practicing medicine again.  Seamus is the senior concierge at Castle Tullamore Hotel.  He is in charge of fulling Keela’s every whim while she is at the hotel.  She is there investigating the Victorian Era lift that has a tendency to time warp riders to a different time period.  It also helps them figure out their problems.  Keela is hiding something.  She can see and talk to ghosts.  They are everywhere.  She can also tell if people are witches, werewolves or other paranormal things.  Seamus starts the story not wanting to be at her every beck and call.  As his attraction towards her grows he starts wanting to spend more and more time with her.  Keela trusts Seamus enough that she tells him about her special gift.  With the help of the ghosts will Keela discover out what is going on with the lift?  Will Keela and Seamus realize before its too late that something is brewing between them?

While I liked this book, I didn’t love it.  It felt slow and cumbersome.  There wasn’t any of the romance that her other books had.  I felt like the book needed to be a bit longer.  With that being said, I really enjoyed the characters.  I loved the random job that the Keela has.  A physician tied in with being able to investigate the paranormal.  It’s an interesting combination. Mixing pure science and proven fact with something much less so.  Her back story, as well, was human.  She had spent a while in a psych hospital as she hit puberty when her ability to see the paranormal began to manifest itself.  While this book wasn’t exactly knocked out of the park I will still be keeping an eye out for more books by the author.  I actually have a short novella of hers to read.  Hopefully, it revisits these characters and adds some depth to the story. 


An Irish Attraction by Louisa Masters is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Make sure you add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished. You can check out more books by Masters on her website HERE!

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