BOOK REVIEW: Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

Title: Baby Teeth
Author: Zoje Stage
Publication: July 17, 2018
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Genre: Horror
Pages: 320



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Meet Hanna.

She’s the sweet-but-silent angel in the adoring eyes of her Daddy. He’s the only person who understands her, and all Hanna wants is to live happily ever after with him. But Mommy stands in her way, and she’ll try any trick she can think of to get rid of her. Ideally for good.

Meet Suzette.

She loves her daughter, really, but after years of expulsions and strained home schooling, her precarious health and sanity are weakening day by day. As Hanna’s tricks become increasingly sophisticated, and Suzette’s husband remains blind to the failing family dynamics, Suzette starts to fear that there’s something seriously wrong, and that maybe home isn’t the best place for their baby girl after all.


**A copy of this novel was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

The description of Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage is what first drew me into the book. A suspenseful, yet slightly spine tingling, story about a small child who seems to have it out for her mother? Sign me up.

The idea that Stage had was well intended and almost a guarantee to bring people in. Unfortunately I found that the idea was not as well executed as I would have hoped. Hanna’s thoughts and actions are well beyond her years to a point where I find that it was incredibly awkward to read. I feel like maybe Stage was trying to make us uncomfortable due to the idea of the book, but it went to an extreme. I have to admit, I was unable to finish reading this book and that was disappointing. I wish the mentality of Hanna was equivalent or even close to that of a normal child her age. It just seemed to jump back and forth over the line of believability. Too much so for me.

I will say that Stage has a great writing style. She’s clear and concise and has a good flow to her story. It didn’t feel rushed or lagging from the parts I did read. I would be very interested to read Stage’s next novel and she continues to develop as a writer and explore different story lines. I also think this book will be something others will enjoy. It just wasn’t for me.


Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage is out July 17th on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and bookstores near you. Make sure you add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished. Stay tuned for more work from author Zoje Stage, as this is her debut novel. You can find out more about her on her website here.

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