BOOK REVIEW: Blind Item by Kevin Dickson and Jack Ketsoyan

Title: Blind Item
Author: Kevin Dickson and Jack Ketsoyan
Publication: June 6, 2017
Publisher: Imprint
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Entertainment
Pages: 368



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

No one knows her name, but now everyone wants to.

As an assistant publicist in Hollywood, Nicola spends her days (and nights) sweeping up the scandals of singers, movie stars, and TV actors. Fresh from Ohio, she’s rapidly discovering the real Hollywood is rotten under its glittering skin. Everyone is a hustler with a hard bottom line and a soap opera sob story.

When she breaks her own rules and starts dating a movie star, the Los Angeles scene starts to spill into her own life. As the paparazzi begin the hunt for sexy star Seamus O’Riordan’s new mystery girl, Nicola’s best friend Billy has her back while he prowls parties for the latest scoop to sell to the tabloids. Her roommate Kara keeps tabs on things too—in between befriending a former child star and transforming herself from stylist to reality TV sensation.

As the scandals pile up behind them, their pasts will be exposed… And every secret can be sold.

Written by two Hollywood insiders, the jaw-dropping scandals are real, but the names are not. And they’ll never tell.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

What I had hoped Fifty Shades of Grey would have been, Blind Item was all of that and more. This book was full of spice, attitude, and wrapped in a sexy flair. Blind Item follows Nicola and her friends as they navigate the tricky world of Hollywood, some trying to stay out of trouble and others looking for it.

Blind Item has all these characters that are just regular people looking for a steady income and trustworthy people… in a town known for lies, deceit and being fake. Dickson and Ketsoyan brought to life these characters that I found myself yelling at their decisions, laughing, crying, and smacking my head right along with their every move. When an author can make you feel what their characters are feeling, it’s a good one. The cover of this book mentions that the stories are real, but the names are not. So, while this is a fiction book, it’s easy to picture in your head the reality that this happens every single day in Hollywood. The ups, downs and crazy that is squeezed into this book filled with hours of entertainment. Blind Item covered all the basis. Drama. Romance. Suspense. Mystery. Reality. Every genre I can think of was twisted and turned into this book made to question the very life we live and if our lives would be this insane if we were in their world.

The blind item has all the things that I wanted Fifty Shades of Grey to be, with an amazing and entertaining story line to go along with it. I will absolutely be picking up the next book either of these gentlemen write and enjoying every second of it.


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