BOOK REVIEW: Cherishing You, Cherishing Me by Tylor Paige

Title: Cherishing You, Cherishing Me
Author: Tylor Paige
Publication: October 4, 2019
Publisher: Amazon Digital Service
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 315

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Renee never expected to marry a rockstar. As a member of a traveling theatre troupe, she was addicted to a different kind of stage. She dropped everything willingly when she met the hot, adorable drummer of rock band Maria Maria, Mark Lacey. She was happy to take on a different role- the happy, doting wife, but sometimes she misses the simpler life she once had.

Mark has everything. The mansion, the smoking hot wife, the amazing career. Yet, he still yearns for more. Seeing his other bandmates growing up and starting their own families, he wants nothing more than to add his own little one to the mix. When they discover that pregnancy isn’t an option for them, Mark comes up with a solution.

Renee couldn’t ask for a better person to carry their child. Cleo is doing everything in her power to make sure she feels as involved as possible, but still Renee holds back. Why can’t anyone see that she isn’t just married to a celebrity, but a real person with real feelings? Just once, she wants to be in that spotlight, to remember what it was like before she became a wife.


**A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I have read the other two books in this You and Me series and absolutely loved them.  When I saw that the next installment was coming out I promptly told my friend/co-editor (who also happens to be the editor to the books) that I needed to get my hands on the book before it comes out to read and review.  Once I downloaded it onto my Kindle I couldn’t wait to start reading it.

We first met Renee and Mark in the first book Missing You, Missing Me.  Mark is a drummer for the band Maria, Maria.  This book focuses basically on them.  You do get the other characters from the other books but this, for the most part, is them.  I was excited to start reading it. I couldn’t wait to see what their storyline was.  Right off the bat, we find out what it is.  Renee and Mark unable to have children.  They ask Cleo to be a surrogate for them.  This is an issue near to my heart.  I do have three kids of my own but have been really thinking hard about offering to be a surrogate for my cousin who has tried on multiple occasions to get pregnant and is unable to.  I was lucky enough to be able to get pregnant and carry my own children. I would love to be able to give her what she wants.  Like Cleo’s husband, my husband is slightly against it.  I also know several people close to me who had problems getting pregnant and at times stay pregnant.  I can’t imagine what they went through.  

The one way I could relate to Renee was losing herself, her identity once she married Mark since he was famous.  I married my husband who’s name is also Mark when I was 6.5 months pregnant with our first child. I worked up until I had her then we decided that I would become a stay at home mom.   Two more kids later and I still don’t work.   Unless you count scooping ice cream from Memorial Day to Labor Day for my sister in law’s store. I had over those years lost who I was.  I have slowly found myself again now that my kids don’t need me as a baby needs me.  I think that is what Renee was dealing with she lost who she was being married to a famous rock star.   I absolutely loved this book.  Stayed up way too late some nights just to read one more chapter.  I loved that the author added more of a romantic twist to the characters.  Gave us some steamy bedroom scenes.  I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, I hope that it is about Derek since he is the only one we haven’t heard from and we found out some new information about his love life.  


Pick up your copy of Cherishing You, Cherishing Me by Tylor Paige on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Also make sure to add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished. Make sure to check out our reviews of Paige’s first two books, Missing You, Missing Me and Promising You, Promising Me and pick them up on Amazon.

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