BOOK REVIEW: “Diagnose Yourself” by Reid Jenner

Title: Diagnose Yourself: Place the Power of Healing in Your Hands
Editor: Reid Jenner
Publication: September 28, 2014
Source: Author
Genre Category: NonFiction

Diagnose Yourself


SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Diagnose Yourself is for people who are frustrated by the inability of their personal physician to solve their health problems, and for those who are interested in taking more control over managing their health.

The book outlines why doctors are incapable of effectively treating many illnesses then provides a clear step-by-step template for how the reader can take more responsibility for their own diagnosis and find a permanent cure for what ails them.

Beginning with a case study of a patient who suffered for years with an undiagnosed severe illness but who quickly solved it himself following the systematic self-diagnostic process outlined in this book, the author equips the reader with the tools to discover the quickest and least invasive solution to his or her personal problem.

The reader can fill in the easy-to-use problem investigation template as the author walks you through the process, referencing many interesting health problems others have solved in a similar manner. Or you can wait until the end and download the free worksheets to work through and solve your problem in one sitting.

Unlike most other self-help health books which focus primarily on using the Internet to research a problem, Diagnose Yourself offers a clear and rigorous process for using the patient’s own knowledge of his or her body and personal history to determine the root cause of the problem.

Take charge of your health and get on the road to permanent recovery!

I know. At first glance, this book seems to be one of those “don’t trust your doctor” books that is convincing you that healthcare is a sham and you should treat everything yourself. It’s not. I look at this book as more of a communication guide to being able to properly speak with your healthcare professionals to properly diagnose issues or discuss problems you are having.

‘Diagnose Yourself’, by Reid Jenner is a non-fiction breakdown of situations that explain very well what we have all experienced. That moment when you know something is wrong, but you don’t know what and your doctor cannot seem to find anything wrong with you either. It also dives into the way healthcare works and the reason some people feel so under-cared for in today’s healthcare networks.

I am a firm believer if something is wrong health wise and it is not treatable at home you should go see your doctor. I’m absolutely for it. I happen to have a primary care physician I love and who listens to me and takes the time to understand my issues. Not everyone is that lucky and not all doctors have the time to sit around and chat with you for long periods of time. That is just the way it is in overbooked doctors offices. ‘Diagnose Yourself’ shows you how to breakdown symptoms, scenarios, and environments to guide you in narrowing down the field of things that could be wrong. It also explains how the healthcare system works and why it always seems so rushed. You feel like a number. I like how this is not a replacement for healthcare, but a guide on how to speak their language and get healthcare professionals opinions.

‘Diagnose Yourself’ is every person’s guide to figuring out what is wrong (or narrowing it down at least) and how to talk to your doctor so you aren’t just brushed off or misdiagnosed over and over again. Jenner did a great job of explaining steps you can take to a healthy (and happier) you. He really grips the point of how people feel when it seems like nobody cares enough to fix an issue they are having health wise. A good read and a useful tool for anyone to have and read. It could definitely come in handy one day. Four out of five stars.

Pick up “Diagnose Yourself: Place the Power of Healing in Your Hands” on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. You can also learn more about it at the linked website HERE.

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