BOOK REVIEW: Perfect Remains by Helen Fields

Title: Perfect Remains
Author: Helen Fields
Publication: January 26, 2017 (epub edition)
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 418

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

The first in a nail-shredding new crime series. Fans of M.J. Arlidge will be gripped from start to finish.

On a remote Highland mountain, the body of Elaine Buxton is burning. All that will be left to identify the respected lawyer are her teeth and a fragment of clothing.

In the concealed back room of a house in Edinburgh, the real Elaine Buxton screams into the darkness.

Detective Inspector Luc Callanach has barely set foot in his new office when Elaine’s missing persons case is escalated to a murder investigation. Having left behind a promising career at Interpol, he’s eager to prove himself to his new team. But Edinburgh, he discovers, is a long way from Lyon, and Elaine’s killer has covered his tracks with meticulous care.

It’s not long before another successful woman is abducted from her doorstep, and Callanach finds himself in a race against the clock. Or so he believes … The real fate of the women will prove more twisted than he could have ever imagined.


To be perfectly honest I was not thrilled when Thriller/Mystery won for this month’s book club that I run. (Shameless plug–Join Just One More Chapter Book Club if you are looking for a book club!) I am not a huge Thriller/Mystery fan they tend to give me the creeps/nightmares and they are not my jam.  I used to, when I was much younger, devour Agatha Christie but seem to have outgrown that the older I have gotten. 

I went into this book with much trepidation.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from it.  The only thing that really made me excited was the fact that it took place in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I am a huge fan of anything that takes place in the United Kingdom really.  As I started this book I knew basically in the first few chapters that I was going to love this book and that it would keep me wanting more.  The main character, Luc Callhnach, is half Scottish and half  French.  He was born in Scotland but was raised in France.  He has model and movie star looks.  However the author really doesn’t do a good job of describing him, I can’t really get a good picture of how I think that he should look.  

This book keeps you guessing from the very start as to what actually happens to the girls.  You think that you have it nailed down, ok he has killed this girl and then bam, that isn’t what happens at all.  It’s not until the last few chapters that Luc is able to work out what has really happened.  He comes down to the wire to capture the killer.  The killer had kidnapped one of his work collegues and is sent into a mad dash to find out what is going on.  This book was so good that I have purchased some of the other books in the series and put the rest on my Amazon wish list.  I can’t wait to read them .  If they are anything like this first book I will be captivated from the first sentence.  Highly recommend for anyone that is a fan of Thriller/Mystery.


Pick up your copy of Perfect Remains by Helen Fields on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or check your local bookstore. Also make sure to add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished. Also check out more books from author Helen Fields, including the next four books in the “Perfect” series starring D.I. Callanach, on Amazon.

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