BOOK REVIEW: She’s Not Sorry by Mary Kubica


Title: She’s Not Sorry
Author: Mary Kubica
Publication: April 2, 2024
Publisher: Park Row
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 331

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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

An ICU nurse accidentally uncovers a patient’s frightening past in this chilling thriller.

Meghan Michaels is trying to find balance between being a single mom to a teenage daughter and working as a full time nurse. While on duty at the hospital one day, a patient named Caitlin arrives in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, having jumped from a bridge and plunging over twenty feet to the train tracks below. 

But when a witness comes forward with shocking details about the fall, it calls everything they know into question. Was Caitlin  pushed  and if so, by whom and why? 

Meghan has always tried to stay emotionally detached from her patients, but this time, she mistakenly lets herself get too close until she’s deeply entangled in Caitlin’s and her family’s lives. Only when it’s too late, does she realize that she and her daughter could be the next victims.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Mary Kubica is one of the best thriller writers I have come across. I loved her story Local Woman Missing and Just the Nicest Couple. I knew I had to read She’s Not Sorry as soon as I heard about it. Yet, again Kubica did not disappoint.

She’s Not Sorry is a twisty psychological thriller that follows Meghan, single mom and ICU nurse. I was intrigued right away because I can relate to many of her struggles as a single mom. Kubica drew us in right away with the story of this patient in a coma and you wanting to know what happened to her. I really enjoyed the side characters in this story and their little mini-stories woven in. Kubica writes really deep characters with a lot of backstory, but written in a way that isn’t overly wordy or cumbersome to read.

Kubica’s ability to write twists and turns and shocking discoveries is next-level. I have never found an author that can truly throw me a curveball the way she can. I thought I knew what was happening as the book progressed and then I was completely blindsided when the truth came out. I literally gasped out loud when I read what was actually happening. I was able to guess earlier on who I thought was responsible for some things in the book, but it was no where near what I was thinking and I will never get over how good Kubica can always surprise me at the end of her novels.

If you love really twisty, psychological thrillers, then She’s Not Sorry is definitely one you have to pick up. You will not guess the shocking revelations and they will keep you flipping the page as fast as you can! Mary Kubica has delivered another absolute must read!

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