BOOK REVIEW: “Silence: A Lakeview Novella” by Stacey R. Campbell

Title: Silent: A Lakeview Novella
Author: Stacey Campbell
Publication: May 28, 2015
Publisher: Green Darner Press
Source: Author



SYNOPSIS: (For Goodreads)
Searching for the answers about the father she never knew, Blakely Henry, now Queen of Tamura, takes her family on a cross-country adventure through the hill towns of Southern France.

Stacey R. Campbell released a little treat for us in the form of a novella giving us a glimpse into what Blakely Henry has been up to since book one in her Lakeview Series! “Silence” is book 2.5 in the series. The first book, “Hush”, starred Blakely Henry as she discovers she is Queen of Tamura while book two followed Halle, little sister to Blakely, as she starts at Lakeview Academy.

As I was preparing to read and review the third book in the series, “Scream”, which comes out July 25th, I got an email from Campbell with “Silence” attached. I was so excited. “Silence” was the perfect filler until “Scream”. Campbell gave us a glimpse at what Blakely is up to as she pursues an adventure, in disguise, through southern France with her family. I love how Blakely has taken to her role in Tamura and how she is striving to find out who she is and where she came from while embracing what she already has.

“Silence” took our favorite royal family and us on an emotional journey. We got to see a more serious side of the Henry family and watch as they bonded as a family. “Silence” is another hit from Stacey R. Campbell! Such a fantastic writer! She knows exactly what to say to draw you into her books and have you cheering on your favorite characters. Absolutely looking forward to “Scream”.

Pick up “Silence” on Amazon and swing over to Campbell’s site for more information on her other books. Also stay tuned for my review of the third book in the Lakeview Series “Scream” out July 25th!

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