BOOK REVIEW: Super Easy Tortilla & Taco Cookbook by Dotty Griffith


Title: Super Easy Tortilla & Taco Cookbook
Author: Dotty Griffith
Publication: September 12, 2023
Publisher: New Shoe Press
Genre: Cookbook
Pages: 144


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

You’ll want to make quick, customizable filled Mexican flatbreads much more often than just on Taco Tuesday with the flavorful fillings, sauces, toppings, and tortillas in this accessible cookbook.

Tacos and tortillas are super fast and super easy to make, and they taste super good at every meal. In this adapted and affordable edition of The Ultimate Tortilla Press Cookbook , find recipes for traditional and surprising filling combinations as well as a range of ideas for handmade flatbreads , if you choose to make your own.

Super Easy Tortilla and Taco Cookbook includes recipes for every meal plus snacks and even desserts , all of which are made with healthy, non-processed, affordable ingredients. Learn to make authentic corn and wheat tortillas as well as gluten-free tortillas—with exciting variations using spices, tomatoes, spinach, and chile peppers. And then find a host of tasty filling recipes that will make tacos and tortillas you new go-to meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The recipes include all the very best homemade  Southwestern, TexMex, and Mexican sauces, toppings, and fillings  you need to turn out soul-satisfying  enchiladas ,  fajitas ,  tacos  and  taco salads ,  chalupas ,  quesadillas ,  burritos , and even  desserts and sweet sauces .

Tacos and tortillas are a great way to use leftovers , and the breads can be kept in the fridge or frozen for meals on the fly any day of the week. There are  vegetarian ,  gluten-free , and  paleo options offered, so you can fully customize recipes based on individual dietary needs or tastes. Cook one or two, or serve a crowd.


Tacos are quite literally my favorite food. An entire book of taco recipes? Yes, please! I was so excited to look through and try every recipe I possibly could by Dotty Griffith.

This book had all the steps to make the perfect taco dinner. It not only gave recipes for the fillings, but there were numerous recipes to make your own, homemade tortillas, which I had never done. It was a fun experience to learn to make on my own and even better to eat.

Next were the recipes for the insides. This book has a little bit of everything! Whether you like meat or vegetarian options, you can use something in this book. The only thing I wish I had were more inside recipes. There were more tortilla recipes than insides in my opinion. I wished it was a little more balanced.

I was in no way disappointed by the recipes in this book and I plan to use them on the regular for dinners at my house. Highly recommended for all those taco lovers out there!

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