BOOK REVIEW: The No Show by Beth O’Leary


Title: The No Show
Author: Beth O’Leary
Publication: April 12, 2022
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Pages: 348


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Siobhan is a quick-tempered life coach with way too much on her plate. Miranda is a tree surgeon used to being treated as just one of the guys on the job. Jane is a soft-spoken volunteer for the local charity shop with zero sense of self-worth.

These three women are strangers who have only one thing in common: They’ve all been stood up on the same day, the very worst day to be stood up–Valentine’s Day. And, unbeknownst to them, they’ve all been stood up by the same man.

Once they’ve each forgiven him for standing them up, they let him back into their lives and are in serious danger of falling in love with a man who seems to have not just one or two but three women on the go….

Is there more to him than meets the eye? And will they each untangle the truth before they all get their hearts broken? 


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Back in 2020, I discovered this author when I read her first book The Flatshare.  I absolutely fell in love with her books.  I devoured the next two books that she wrote.  Imagine my delight when I saw that she had a 4th book coming out.  I added it to my Amazon Wish List.  Fast forward a few months and my friend told me that her next book was on NetGalley up for review.  I squealed with delight and raced to NetGalley to request.  Much to my delight, it got approved.  I couldn’t wait to read it.

Siobhan, Miranda, and Jane all have something in common, Joseph Carter.  They all love him.  Jane had a bad relationship prior to this and thinks she isn’t worth it.  Miranda loves him but can’t shake a nagging feeling that Carter isn’t being completely honest with her.  Siobhan finally gives in to her feelings and admits that she loves Joseph.  They are soulmates.   This book gave me all the feels.  I spent the entire first half of the book so mad at Joseph for dating all three of these girls at the same time.  Until I realized what was going on and that the book was written in different timelines.  Once I figured that out, I started to put all the clues together and form a story behind the story.    

I loved all the characters in this book.  The way they worked through their issues.  The prevalence of mental health issues that are not hidden in the closet is wonderful to see.  Most of the time they are swept under the rug or they are seen in a bad light.  I think my favorite character is Siobhan, for this reason.  She had her issues and she recognized them and faced them head-on with the support of her inner circle.  Jane is the one that drove me nuts the most.  All of her little quirks bothered me.  I am sure that the reason was that I saw some of myself in her.  The wondering if you are worth it if you are wanted.  I loved the way the author wrote this book.  It made you think that Joseph was the bad guy until she put all the pieces together for you. Once she did that the whole story just opened up.  I can’t wait till she writes another book.  I will be waiting patiently for that time.  

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