BOOK REVIEW: The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary


Title: The Road Trip
Author: Beth O’Leary
Publication: June 1, 2021
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Pages: 398

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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Addie and her sister are about to embark on an epic road trip to a friend’s wedding in the north of Scotland. The playlist is all planned and the snacks are packed.

But, not long after setting off, a car slams into the back of theirs. The driver is none other than Addie’s ex, Dylan, who she’s avoided since their traumatic break-up two years earlier.

Dylan and his best mate are heading to the wedding too, and they’ve totalled their car, so Addie has no choice but to offer them a ride. The car is soon jam-packed full of luggage and secrets, and with three hundred miles ahead of them, Dylan and Addie can’t avoid confronting the very messy history of their relationship…

Will they make it to the wedding on time? And, more importantly… is this really the end of the road for Addie and Dylan?


I have read the last two books that this author has written and I absolutely loved them.  They are fun and have a deeper message in the book.  They are well written and really a joy to read.  So when I saw that the author had another book coming out I added it immediately to my wish list on Amazon (I have already found out that she has another book coming out in 2022 and have already added it to my wish list).  I watched the price like a hawk and waited patiently for it to drop into my price range and when it did I wasted no time in buying the book.  It did take me a little bit to able to get around and actually read it. 

Addie and her sister Deb are traveling to Scotland for an old friend’s wedding.  They get rear-ended by someone who in the rearview mirror looks a lot like her ex-boyfriend Dylan who broke her heart 20 some months ago.  When they get out of the car to see what happened to the vehicle they are shocked to find each other in the vehicles.  They make the choice to ride the rest of the way to Scotland in the same car.  Will they figure out their lives and what they now want by the end?  This book was so amazing.  I binge-read this so many nights way past when I should have.  It made me giggle and get so excited about what was happening.  The only slightly annoying thing was the fact that it bounced from Then and Now as well as bouncing between Addie and Dylan.  I did a few times have to back up to see who the chapter was about because I was confused over the storyline.

I really liked the whole storyline idea.  The summer fling that turns into something more that eventually bubbles and ends in heartbreak.  The part of the story that takes place in Southern France makes me want to take a trip there.  It was something that I could feel myself in.  The author did an excellent job with her descriptions.  The sisterly love was something that I can only strive for.  My sisters get along really well and are close but nothing like the story.  I know that the story is a work of fiction but still.  The whole jealous friend side story was really interesting to see unfold.  I thought he was jealous or something but I really didn’t see the whole bombshell that was really happening.   I really found myself falling in love with the characters and with how they grew as a person.  They dealt with themselves and dealt with their mental health, which is a rather taboo subject if you ask me.  Everyone is scared of it.  Having dealt with it personally, it is something that needs to be talked about.  I cannot wait for the new book comes out, I will be watching the price and maybe pre-order if the price is right  

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