BOOK REVIEW: The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren


Title: The True Love Experiment
Author: Christina Lauren
Publication: May 16, 2023
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Romance
Pages: 413


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Felicity “Fizzy” Chen is lost. Sure, she’s got an incredible career as a beloved romance novelist with a slew of bestsellers under her belt, but when she’s asked to give a commencement address, it hits her: she hasn’t been practicing what she’s preached.

Fizzy hasn’t ever really been in love. Lust? Definitely. But that swoon-worthy, can’t-stop-thinking-about-him, all-encompassing feeling? Nope. Nothing. What happens when the optimism she’s spent her career encouraging in readers starts to feel like a lie?

Connor Prince, documentary filmmaker and single father, loves his work in large part because it allows him to live near his daughter. But when his profit-minded boss orders him to create a reality TV show, putting his job on the line, Connor is out of his element. Desperate to find his romantic lead, a chance run-in with an exasperated Fizzy offers Connor the perfect solution. What if he could show the queen of romance herself falling head-over-heels for all the world to see? Fizzy gives him a hard pass—unless he agrees to her list of demands. When he says yes, and production on The True Love Experimentbegins, Connor wonders if that perfect match will ever be in the cue cards for him, too.


When my friend and I decided to switch up one of our book club books for December my friends suggested this one.  I turned her onto Christina Lauren and we had already read a book by them for book club so it was just a natural segway into reading it.  I was so excited to read it because I absolutely love their books.

Felicity “Fizzy” is a best-selling romance author, problem is she has the yips.  She hasn’t been able to write a single word and she has a looming deadline that she has to get something to her publisher.  When she is called to a movie house she thinks that it is to make one of her books into a movie, she is so excited. However, they just want her to go on a dating show, even bigger problem is that the man she meets with is hot.  Will she find her soulmate on the show or will  life have other plans for her.  First off, this is a sequel but can be a stand-alone book.  The first book is called The Soulmate Equation.  The main character in this book is the BFF in that book. I like many people fell in love with Fizzy enough in that book for the author to give her her own story.  I must say that Fizzy is probably my favorite main character that I have had in a long time.  I never had any issue with her at all.  

She is hilarious and sarcastic but extremely generous to those that she knows and loves.  The banter that the author wrote for the two main characters is unbeatable.  They had me rolling half the time.  The streamyness factor is there but it’s not over the top and a constant thing.  It was nice to also see more of  the main characters from The Soulmate Equation, we got to see more of what happened to them after the book ended. I am at a loss of what else to say.   It was such a good happy book.  I have more books by the author on my shelf, I need to go and dig them out and read pronto.

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