BOOK REVIEW: The Unofficial Poldark Cookbook by Tricia Cohen and Larry Edwards

Title: The Unofficial Poldark Cookbook
Author: Tricia Cohen & Larry Edwards
Publication: May 1, 2018
Publisher: Skyhorse
Genre: Cookbooks
Pages: 194

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

The ultimate gift for Poldark fans! Divided into boarding house or manor, and complete with homey and festive dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, this Poldark cookbook features these classic recipes from the show including:

Cornish Pasties
Ale-Battered Fried Fish
Red Lion Mutton Pie
Truro Turnip Gratin
Blueberry and Lemon Posset
Cornwall Honey Spiced Morning Bread
And more!

From Demelza’s Cornwall kitchen to the majestic Warleggan Mansion; from the oak dining room of Trenwith Manor to the rustic ambiance of the Red Lion Boarding House?food is everywhere in Ross Poldark’s Cornwall, England.

Celebrate the magic that is PBS Masterpiece’s hit series Poldarkwith the unofficial kitchen companion to the award-winning series that everyone is watching. Featuring authentic recipes from Georgian England that have been modernized for the contemporary palate, The Unofficial Poldark Cookbook also includes the history behind the show, references to its characters and events, and tips on how to recreate meals from eighteenth-century Cornwall in the modern day.

Learn to cook and eat like a miner, a ruthless banker, a scullery maid, or an heiress, and recreate the spirit of Poldark with this classic English cookbook in your homely kitchen or dining hall!


I absolutely love the TV show Poldark.  Yes, I am now 3 seasons behind, I was 4 until recently, but I still love the show.  I have young children so sometimes watching my shows fall by the wayside.  I have also read 3 of the books in the series.  I was trying to read them then watch the show which is also part of why I got behind, I finally just gave up trying to find time to fit them into my reading schedule and just went ahead and watched.  So when I saw that there was an Unofficial Poldark Cookbook I got super excited, and when the price got down to my level I said SOLD!! I couldn’t wait to start cooking from it.

I was so excited to start cooking from this book.  I picked out 8 recipes to cook.  I have made all of them except for 1 but I am definitely still going to make it.  My family absolutely loved this book.  They have declared several of the recipes needed to be made into regular dinners.  They included the Cornish Lamb Loaf and the Ale-Battered Fried Fish just to name a few.   My kids (husband too)moaned and groaned about me making “meatloaf” for dinner.  However, this Cornish Lamb Loaf is NOT your Grandmother’s meatloaf. This loaf is absolutely amazing I couldn’t believe how delicious it was.  I did tweak the recipe slightly.  I only picked up two pounds of ground lamb since it is expensive and the recipe called for 1.5 pounds. 

I had another recipe I wanted to try that also called for 1 pound so I just did 1 pound of lamb but used a full pound of pork even though it called for .5 pound.  I honestly don’t think it changed the recipe much.  My whole family licked their plates clean!

There are also several bread recipes in here that I tried including the Herb Curd Cheese Bread made with cottage cheese that is absolutely amazing and am making again the next time we have soup for dinner because it is the perfect bread for soup.  There is also the Cornish Rye Bread.  I was a bit hesitant to make this because of how little flour you put in and then as you make the dough it doesn’t look like a ton.  However, once you make it and let it rise the proper amount of time I was enough for our family of 5 to have at least two pieces of bread.  I will say however with this Rye Bread to make sure you start it well in advance it has to rise for 3.5 hours so it’s not something you can do an hour or two before dinner like some bread. 

All in all this cookbook is amazing.  I did as I said cooked more than just these out of the book however these are the ones that my family raved about even into the next day.  I will certainly be cooking more of the recipes out of this book and definitely adding a few to my daily dinner routine.  One a side not before I finish…..WHY does lamb have to be so expensive!!???


Pick up your copy of the Unofficial Poldark Cookbook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and check your local bookstore. Also add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished.

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