BOOK REVIEW: Two x Four x Murder by Lorraine J. Anderson

Title: Two x Four x Murder
Author: Lorraine J. Anderson
Publication: April 10, 2021
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 163

SYNOPSIS: (From Amazon)

Carrie Burton, reeling from her father’s untimely death, is hesitant to take over her father’s retail lumber business — even more so when a dead body is found in one of the yard’s barns…


A friend of mine brought this book to my attention and as soon as I read the description, I knew I wanted to read it. Being only 163 pages, I knew I could knock this book out in one sitting.

The story follows Carrie Burton as she takes over her father’s business only to have disaster strike almost immediately. It’s obvious someone has it out for her pretty quickly. Lorraine wrote a fun to read, but twisty mystery novel that kept me guessing. We meet a lot of characters in the short span of this book. We meet Carrie’s mom, her office staff, and the police detective investigating the crime. I really liked some of the office staff. Cody was spunky and young and I think he brought a lot to the characters in the office. I really liked the Detective and the witty banter between Carrie and him. You could see the simmering of a relationship there. I was not upset about that at all. It brought a level of lightness to a heavier side of that story.

My only complaint was that the story ended too quickly. One moment the story was flowing nicely as it had the entire story, and then suddenly it was the end. The big reveal came at about 97% into the book and was done in a matter of pages. It felt like a big build up to a very quick ending. I wished there had been maybe 10-20 more pages to ease into that ending. It was a snap of the fingers and it was over so quickly I had to shake my head to process that it had ended so quickly.

With that being said, the ending was good. The killer was revealed and their reasoning was explained. I still thoroughly enjoyed the story. I just wish there was more of it. This story was a quick read, with fantastic characters, a good plot line, well written, and a twisted tale to keep you hooked. Pick up your own copy and check it out.


Pick up your copy of Two x Four x Murder by Lorraine J. Anderson on Amazon . Also make sure to add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished. You can check out more from author Lorraine J. Anderson HERE.

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