BOOK TO MOVIE REVIEW: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Two months ago I wrote a comparison on To All the Boys I Loved Before from the book to the movie. I had really struggled with the book because I had seen the movie before and the book was incredibly different. Picking up the second book in this series, P.S. I Still Love You, I tried to set aside my preconceived notions about it as I had already seen this movie too.

Right from the start I liked this book better than the first. I didn’t find Lara Jean to be as annoying as I did in the first book and her personality matched much better with that of the movie version. She was a bit paranoid about her relationship with Peter and how different it felt now that it was real and not “fake”. That was a struggle she had in the movie as well. The drama with Gen was still there and very much the same, but I felt there was MORE interaction with Gen than in the movie. They both clearly hated each other. Chris’s character got a lot more time front and center in this one as she was a major support system for Lara Jean, but she doesn’t get as much front and center action in the movie. The book showcased her far more.

One of the big differences in this book was that Josh took a back seat. They weren’t really friends at all. They never talked. They didn’t really even try to be friends anymore. I found this to be a sad difference from the movie, where he still plays a pivotal role in her life. For TV, it probably added more drama. Another big difference was the fall from grace Peter and Lara Jean experienced in this book and how it played out in the movie. There is an entire game the group plays that plays a huge part in how Lara Jean suspects and finds out about Peters relationship with Gen that does not happen in the movie at all. She just is suspect of their relationship in the movie and has little hints here and there.

Her relationship with John Ambrose is also very different between the book and movie as well. I almost like the book version more though because there were so many more details in it than there was in the movie. Although John Ambrose is blonde and studly in the book and he is more nerdy, tall, dark and handsome in the movie. I prefer the movie version of his look and the way their relationship plays out in the book.

Overall all the major parts of the story were covered when transferred to the small screen for Netflix. Books always have more details so I think they can play out scenarios a little longer. That can be a perk or the downfall of the book depending on how talented the writer is. In this case, Jenny Han is talented. I loved Lara Jean in this book and I also loved her in the movie. I quite enjoyed seeing the differences and trying to decide which one I liked more. Overall they are both fantastic and I will keep both of them. Is that allowed? Today it is.

Make sure to check out both the book by Jenny Han and the movie on Netflix and do your own comparison. Let me know what you think. Maybe you will love one more than the other too.

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Check out our previous book to movie comparison of the first book in the series, To All the Boys I Loved Before HERE. You can check out more from author Jenny Han on her website HERE.

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