I had been hearing good things about this series.  This is a series written by the same woman who wrote The Summer I Turned Pretty.  So I was banking on this book being good.  Also helped that I had this book in physical and audiobook form so I could listen to it.  While I started it on my drive back and forth to work, I ended up listening to the bulk of it while driving down to visit my family, then finishing it while I cleaned.  While driving down to my family I had my kids in the car, my oldest two kids loved the book and had to watch the movie with me.

Lara Jean writes.  She writes love letters to the boys she has loved before and places them in a hatbox.  As a snub her little sister actually sends the letters, which sets off a series of events she isn’t prepared for.   I loved the movie.  It was absolutely a rom-com that I could get behind.  Much like the book it was appropriate for my younger children to watch with me without being worried about anything being inappropriate for them.  

I was bummed that some stuff was left out of the book and some of the things ended up a bit out of order.  My biggest thing was the yearly neighborhood concert that Lara Jean and her family put on each year for the neighbors.  It was the peak of the book in my mind.  It was something that was important and needed to be shown.  The other thing was Lara Jean crashing the car at the beginning of the book and getting rescued by one of her crushes.  While I could probably find more things that are different they aren’t important enough and you don’t want to listen to me ramble.  In the end read the book absolutely, but in a rarity…..watch the movie you will enjoy it more. 

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