NEW RELEASE SPOTLIGHT: Heroes Wear Stethescopes by J.M. Spade

The newest medical drama from J.M. Spade dropped on December 15th on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her first novel, The Wish Lists, released earlier this year and was a big hit amongst medical lovers and romance lovers. Heroes Wear Stethoscopes takes a look at a different area of the medical field, but all new characters and a new story line. Make sure to pick up your copy today!


“I absolutely loved this book and had a hard time putting this down, so I ended up reading it in a day. It was not what I expected (in a great way), it gave me all the feels.” – By Lisa Marie  5/5 Stars

“An absolute page turner to the very end.” – By BendtheBinding  5/5 Stars

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Kate has worked as a nurse in the emergency room for over twenty years, is married to a successful orthopedic surgeon, and is raising three teenagers. When she starts experiencing personality changes, such as telling her patients what she’s thinking, she must find the cause before she loses her family and her career. Is it the stress from family drama or something more serious? Once she discovers the cause, she must make a decision that will alter her life forever.

Follow Kate through her shifts in the busy emergency room and her chaotic personal life on her journey to discovering the root of the issues. 



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