OPINION: How a Show Can Change a Life

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Sometimes, it’s hard to explain to other people why you enjoy the things you do, especially when it happens to be a television show. For those of us who have never had the opportunity to be touched by the fandom bug, it can be hard to understand. The good news is, I am not one of those people and I do understand. Let me tell you how I fell in love with a show called The Vampire Diaries.


I’m a dedicated Supernatural fan and have been since day one. I live, breathe, eat, sleep Supernatural to the point that I have never ventured outside of my happy bubble – except for this one time. I had health issues in March of this year and ended up having emergency surgery. It put me out of work for days. I couldn’t do anything I normally did, aside from laying around and watching Netflix. That’s how I ended up clicking on The Vampire Diaries. All eight seasons were available and at the most, I figured it could be background noise while I browsed Facebook. I was so wrong.

To be fair, and to maintain total honesty, I have to tell you that I tried watching Vampire Diaries the night it premiered. Being a huge fan of vampires and fresh off of Twilight mania, I was hopeful. On the other hand, having read the books, I was also skeptical. Unfortunately, I never made it past the first episode. Now, fast forward eight years to the me that decided I needed to give it another chance. Again, I was so wrong. I couldn’t explain why I binged through eight seasons worth of a show in nineteen days at first, but then, I realized just how much the show had changed me in that short amount of time. The characters, and the actors that portray them moved me in ways that no other show had done, even Supernatural.

It’s a labor of love, a carefully woven tapestry so intricate you don’t know you’re tangled until it is absolutely too late. From beginning to end, the story is cohesive. You see these people grow and change and become better versions of themselves. They fight through the hard times, they fight each other, but still come out family in the end and that, my friends, is what filled me with so much inspiration. It instilled a joy that had gone missing in my life. That’s how I fell in love with The Vampire Diaries.

In a very short period of time, I have come to appreciate all things and people involved simply because the show makes me so happy. It has brought nothing but good back to my world and in a month I’ll be taking the trip to Covington, Georgia to see where it all went down. Photos, videos, and details on that will come later.

What I thought was ‘just a show’ turned out to be a life changer for me and though it may be over, it’ll always be in my heart.

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  1. This is so spot on. We were going through totally different things and found the same love. It was something that I didn’t know I needed. Great read!!

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