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If you have not watched the most recent episode of Outlander, turn back now. Spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned!


As the episode opens, Roger is still being shoved down the row of Mohawk men.  He is being hit and kicked as he stumbles along.  They tell him that he will remain a captive at their camp.  We jump to Fergus telling the Regulators that Murtagh has been arrested and telling them how it occurred.  Lord John tells Bree they have arrested Bonnet.  Bree is shaken but relieved by the news.  She tells him that she wants to see him.  Lord John tells her that she can’t go.  She informs him that she wants to talk to him.  Lord John asks her if she really must see him.  He eventually relents and agrees to take her to the prison.  Back with the Mohawk, Roger is being used for labor.  He is keeping track of the days on a rope still but keeping it hidden from the Mohawk in his sling that is holding his injured arm.  They throw him into a hut when he makes them angry by pointing, not knowing that pointing means something bad in their culture.  In the hut is another prisoner, a priest.  Lord John and Bree arrive in Wilmington for her talk with Bonnet.  She finds it hard to be there with all the bad memories.  In the same town, Fergus is hatching a plan on his dining room table to free Murtagh.  Marsali approves of his plan.  They decide that it is finally time to leave Wilmington and head to Fraser’s Ridge to start a new life.  

Roger listens as the priest tells his story.  He realizes that the white baby that the Mohawk woman was carrying is the priests and hers.  Suddenly they come in and haul the priest away.  Roger immediately starts looking for a way out.  He starts to dig a hole in the ground.  As he digs into the night he hears the priest screaming in pain.  He stops to listen then continues his work.  The priest is eventually thrown back into the hut.  He soon passes out from the pain.  Roger sees the massive wound on the side of his head.  Roger cleans the wound.  He tries to talk him into doing what they asked and baptize his child.  He still refuses, thinking that since he couldn’t stay away from the woman and slept with her he is unable to baptize her child.  He is well aware that they will torture him again.  Roger talks him into helping dig a hole to escape.  Bree is nervous to go and see Bonnet.  However, her mind is made up.  Outside Fergus is laying down gunpowder around the outside of the prison.  He puts his plan to free Murtagh into effect.  Bree heads into the prison, unaware Murtagh is a prisoner or that Fergus is hatching his plot.  Fergus forces his way into the prison with a gun.  Bree goes and talks to Bonnet.  She shows him that she is pregnant.  Bree finishes talking to Bonnet and begins to leave.  She and Fergus find Murtagh at the same time.  Together they free him and run from the prison before it explodes.  Fergus and Murtagh dive into the back of the waiting wagon that Marsali drives away.  As the episode comes to a close we are back with Roger.  He manages to dig himself free from the hut.  He races away from the village.  As he is racing through the woods the priest’s screams are echoing through the woods behind him.  He stops running, swears and then turns around and heads back to the village.  He sees them burning the priest at the stake.  His wife and child are tearfully watching.  Roger races in and throws something at the base of the fire.  It explodes and causes a massive fireball.  It quickly ends his pain and suffering.  His wife is so overcome she puts their child down and climbs onto the pyre with him and burns to death as well.  They put Roger back into the hut he just escaped from. 

I personally thought this episode was meh.  Not exactly overly exciting but it did answer more questions and set it up for the season finale on Sunday.  I can’t believe we have already had 12 episodes of pure Outlander goodness.  I’m loving the costumes that they have had this season.  They have seamlessly transitioned from English style clothes to American style.  I also love the relationship they are developing with  Lord John and Bree.   I’m extremely excited that Murtagh isn’t dead yet.  I don’t know where he will go really.  I mean he could try and go to Fraser’s Ridge but you would think that they would immediately search for him there.  I can’t wait to see how they rescue Roger.  Hopefully, it will be good and Claire will make it back for the birth of her grandchild.

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