TV RECAP: Outlander, S4:E6 “Blood of my Blood”



If you have not seen the most recent episode of Outlander, turn back now. Spoilers lie ahead! You have been warned!

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YEEEEAH! Ducan Lacroix (Murtagh) has been added to the opening sequence.  The episode opens with Jamie cutting wood.  The camera pans back and we see Lord John Grey approaching him from behind on his horse.  Jamie is shocked and pleasantly surprised to see him.  At the creek, while gathering water, Claire attempts to get Murtagh to stay.  As they head back to the cabin they hear “Help, get them off me” through the trees.  They see a boy with leeches stuck to his legs.  Claire removes them and saves them in a bucket to use in her medicine.  Back at the cabin, John tells Jamie that William is with him and he doubts that he will remember Jamie from Hellwater. He also tells Jamie that Isabella died on the boat ride over from England.  Claire brings William back to the cabin.  She is shocked to see John.  It’s at this point that Claire realizes the boy is Jamie’s son.  Later that night at dinner, Murtagh is frustrated to hear about the Govoner’s “palace” that he had built.  John talks about the Regulators in a dismissive tone not realizing that Murtagh is basically a leader of them.  Murtagh abruptly leaves the dinner table.  William is appalled by the fact that he has to go outside in order to use the restroom.  He tells Jamie that he remembers him from Hellwater.  Jamie asks him if he still has the carved snake that he made him.  Back in the cabin, we can tell that Claire isn’t exactly thrilled with the arrival of John.   Murtagh is preparing to head back to town.  He isn’t too happy with Jamie’s friendship and tells him as much.  It is at this point that he realizes that William is Jamie’s son.  It makes him even more frustrated.  

A few days later, as John and William prepare to leave and head for Virginia, Claire realizes that John is not well.  He has the measles.  She tells Jamie to take William on a tour of the Ridge to get him away from the contagious disease.  Claire works on nursing John back to health. John lays out why he thinks Claire does not like him.  Claire lays out why she thinks he showed up out of the blue.  Jamie takes William out into the woods and shows him how to tickle fish and how to shoot and gut a deer.  William is pretty disgusted by gutting the deer.  While eating dinner, William begins to cry and Jamie notices and asks if he feels well.  Jamie allows him to unload and get angry. He blames Jamie for John’s illness.  Back at the cabin, John is very, very ill.  His head feels like it will split in two.  He asks Claire if he will die today.  She doesn’t say yes or no but tells him that she needs to lower his fever.  He admits to Claire that when he found out his wife died he felt nothing,  He only came to see Jamie to see if he could still feel.   

Jamie awakens to find William is gone. He tracks him and finds that he has crossed the property line into the Natives land.  He has even caught a fish.  The Natives suddenly show up and demand blood for the death of the fish.  They grab both Jamie and William.  Struggling ensues, and Jamie ends up shouting that William is his son and his blood is my blood.  In the end William takes responsibility and the Natives pull out a hatchet.  They think the worst is coming and they end up just scratching his palm.  They vanish back into the forest.  Back at cabin John has made a full recovery.  He is still very weak but Claire is sure that he will survive.  They have finally come to terms with each other and they start a friendship of sorts.  William asks Jamie why he never looked back after he left Hellwater?  John and William finally take their leave from Fraser’s Ridge.  As William rides away he turns and looks back at Jamie.  Jamie is moved.  Later, as Claire is bathing, Jamie gives her the ring that he had Murtagh make.  She loves it.  As the episode closes they are finally getting that moment alone that they have been searching for for a while. 

This episode was rather bland.  It did, however, bring a secondary character back into the fold.  I love that Murtagh is back but I am not a fan of him and Jamie being on the opposite ends of the political spectrum.  I hope that it doesn’t ruin their relationship.  I was hoping that they would do more about Bree this go round but they didn’t.  Who thought that the hairstyle for William was a good idea.  It did not flatter him at all.  

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