If you have not seen the newest episode of Outlander from this past Sunday, stop reading now. Spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned.

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As the episode opens, we see Bree walking across a snow-dusted moor.  She has made it through the standing stones and has gone back in time!!!  As she walks, she pulls out a map and checks to make sure she is heading in the right direction.  She sees a road in the distance and starts walking towards it.  She suddenly slips and falls down a hill hurting her ankle in the process.  She picks herself up and starts limping down the road.  She is severely hampered by her injured ankle.  In the present Roger is driven out to the standing stones by Fiona, the only person really who believes him and has helped him on the way.  I think that he looks really weird with no beard and slightly long hair.  In the past, Bree has stopped for the night.  She has built a fire and is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that she brought through the stones with her.  The next day her travel is still hampered by her injured ankle.  She sees a large house through the trees.  She picks up her pace but ends up collapsing from the cold. She begins to have memories of her father, Frank.  OMG Tobias Menzies!!!  She suddenly awakes and is warm.  She is in Laoghaire’s house.  They found her cold and unconscious in the woods and brought her to their house. This is not what happens in the books.  This is truly a left turn.  Later that night Ian arrives at the house with Jamie’s “divorce” money.  Bree hears the fighting from her room and remembers the fighting her parents did when she was a small child.  In Bree’s memories, she has tracked down Frank at his office.  He has been drinking.  She sees some of his research sitting on his desk.  It’s the obituary for Jamie and Claire.  Bree asks if he wants to talk about it.  He doesn’t really want or know how to talk about it.  He tells her to go home and she storms out of his office.  It’s so weird to see Laoghaire talk about Jamie and Claire and Bree not knowing who she is talking about.  Later that night Bree asks her to tell her a bedtime story.  She complies.  Back with Roger, he has made it through the stones and has made his way to the seaside.   He is looking for passage to America.  He tries to get a ticket but ends up trying to get a job as a way to make it to America.  Eventually, Captain Bonnet (yes that Bonnet) gives him a job with a flip of the coin.  Back with Bree, Laoghaire mentions Lallybroch and Bree gets excited.  Bree tells her that her mother’s family lives there.  Laoghaire asks her mother’s name.  Laoghaire goes cold when she hears the name, Claire Fraser.  In Bree’s memory, she is bringing tea to Frank. He asks Bree if she has ever wanted to study abroad. 

Back with Laoghaire, she asks if Bree knows the real reason her father couldn’t raise her.  She is putting idle gossip in Bree’s head.  She tells her that “There was no room in his heart for a bairn”.  You can see that the news has affected Bree.  Laoghaire seems to lose her mind.  She is yelling and calling Bree’s mom a whore.  Bree goes to her room to pack and leave.  Bree suddenly realizes that Laoghaire is the one who had framed her mom as a witch.  Laoghaire locks Bree into her room when she goes in to pack her bags.  In her memory, she is stopped on the street by Frank.  Frank asks her if she would like to study in England.  He tells her that he has been offered a job at Cambridge.  Bree asks him about Claire.  He tells her that they are getting a divorce.  She is visibly shaken by this news.  She asks him what about their plan? A shared office at Harvard.  Next, we see Bree talking to her father’s grave.  She tells him that she will soldier on and that he is her hero.  Back with Roger, we see him lighting the ship lanterns for the night.  He is talking to a little girl about sea monsters.  Later that night he wakes with a start.  He hears screams.  Bonnet has found smallpox’s on his ship  They are throwing the infected people overboard to rid the ship of the disease.  Roger is appalled by this.  Roger goes looking for the smallest baby on board and he hides him and his mother in the ships hold.  Back with Bree, she finally manages to pry the bedroom window open.  Just as she does she hears the key in the bedroom door rattle.  She grabs a vase and prepares to smash it over the head of whomever it is.  It is Joanie, Laoghaire’s youngest daughter.  She sneaks her out of the house and drives her to Lallybroch.  When they arrive at Lallybroch they see Ian outside and Joanie tells him that Bree is Jamie’s daughter.  He doesn’t need her to prove it.  He tells her that she has Claire’s eyes.  Jenny, unfortunately, isn’t home.  She is out helping birth her new grandchild into the world.  Ian gives her money to buy herself passage to North Carolina as well as a trunk filled with some of her mother’s clothes.  Back with Roger, we see him sneak feeding the mother and baby.  Suddenly Bonnet is behind him.  He doesn’t look happy.  I truly don’t like Bonnet at all.  Bonnet once again flips a coin for the lives of the people.  Specifically the life of Roger.  At the seaport we see Ian walking her to the building she needs to go into to buy her ticket.  When she goes inside she is approached by a man who begs her to take on his daughter Lizzie as a maid. She agrees and so we have been introduced to Lizzie.  If you have read the books you know that she is here to stay.  As the episode comes to a close Lizzie turns around to say goodbye to her father.  Suddenly, through the crowd, Bree sees Frank.  He looks at her proudly.  She looks away and when she looks back he is gone.  She and Lizzie turn and head for the ship bound for America. 

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this episode.  I am not a huge fan of Laoghaire’s and them taking such a huge turn from the book is a bit frustrating.  I did like the memories Bree had about Frank.  To me, it seemed to give more of a back story of her life before.  Plus I was happy to see Tobias Menzies again.  I loved the Bree-centric episode.  We hadn’t had enough of her adventure to date.  I think that we need to see more of Roger and his time on the ship with Bonnet.  I thought the way they did the tossing of people overboard was not as significant as it could have been.  It was soul shattering but not as much as the book was.  How did you guys feel about Roger shaving his beard off?  

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