#WhatToWatch on Netflix… #GilmoreGirls

Bored and looking to fill some time in this cold hard winter? Did you know that Gilmore Girls is FINALLY on Netflix? Well it is and that’s amazing. If you missed this fantastic show during its 7 year run on the WB (for all you spring chickens that is what we called the CW before it was the CW…#missthe90s) than you missed A LOT! But lucky for you Netflix has decided to grace us with all 7 seasons for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s another reason to watch… Gilmore Girls is REUNITING for the FIRST time since the show ended during the writer’s strike. Just think what this could lead too… a movie!! PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE!!

For more information on the reunion check out the Austin ATX Television Festival Website… You just may see some #NerdProblems staff there!!


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