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#WhatToWatch on Netflix… #GilmoreGirls

Bored and looking to fill some time in this cold hard winter? Did you know that Gilmore Girls is FINALLY on Netflix? Well it is and that’s amazing. If you missed this fantastic show during its 7 year run on the WB (for all you spring chickens that is what …

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Taylor Swifts Shows Us Her CRAZY

Taylor Swift is officially like woah… And this coming from the person who was an avid anti-Taylor person! I always felt that she started in Country music because it was easier than going up against the plethora of blonde pop stars but I officially take that back.

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#WhatToWatch: Madam Secretary

This year seems to be overcome with new shows that are hitting our TV’s and with limited space on the DVR I present to you the second article in our What to Watch series…

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#WhattoWatch: Manhattan Love Story

Ahhh it’s fall again… the leaves are turning yellow, hipsters are enjoying pumpkin spice lattes and I have the great excuse if watching al the new shows in the name of research! In this instalment of What to Watch I will attempt to convince you to watch ABC’s ‘Manhattan Love …

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