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Super Mom and Awesomely Nerdy Lady who can’t stand to sit still. Delving into the online world I ran a successful online radio channel and blog that brought fans up close and personal with their favourite music, television and movie stars. Now, with my hilariously nerdy partners in crime, we are hiding our nerdyness no more! Twitter: @Kristin_Downer

BOOK REVIEW: Year One by Nora Roberts

Title: Year OneAuthor: Nora RobertsPublication: December 5, 2017Publisher: St. Martin’s PressGenre: FantasyPages: 419 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) It began on New Year’s Eve. The sickness came on suddenly, and spread quickly. The fear spread even faster. Within weeks, everything people counted on began to fail them. The electrical grid sputtered; law …

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BOOK REVIEW: Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia & Gabriel Picolo (Illustrator)

Title: Teen Titans: RavenAuthor: Kami Garcia (Author) & Gabriel Picolo (Illustrator)Publication: July 2, 2019Publisher: DC InkGenre: Graphic Novel SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) When a tragic accident takes the life of seventeen-year-old Raven Roth’s foster mom–and Raven’s memory–she moves to New Orleans to live with her foster mother’s family and finish her …

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TV RECAP: The Handmaid’s Tale, S3:E1-3

**SPOILER ALERT! EVERYTHING AHEAD IS FULL DETAIL ABOUT EPISODES 1-3 OF THE SEASON 3 OF HANDMAID’S TALE. You have been warned. The Handmaid’s Tale is back on Hulu and I could not be more thrilled. We were blessed with three full episodes dropped all at once (much to my surprise …

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BOOK REVIEW: One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Title: One of Us Is LyingAuthor: Karen M. McManusPublication: May 30, 2017Publisher: Delcorte PressGenre: Teen, YA Fiction, Suspense, ThrillerPages: 359 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Pay close attention and you might solve this. On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention.Bronwyn, the brain, is Yale-bound and never breaks a rule. Addy, the beauty, is …

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BOOK REVIEW: That Night by Cyn Balog

Title: That NightAuthor: Cyn BalogPublication: June 4, 2019Publisher: SourcebooksGenre: Teen, YA FictionPages: 320 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Hailey wants to know the truth, but there are some secrets that are best left buried… Hailey is determined to find out all she can about her boyfriend’s suicide. She knows Declan wouldn’t kill …

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BOOK REVIEW: Happily and Madly by Alexis Bass

Title: Happily and MadlyAuthor: Alexis BassPublication: May 21, 2019Publisher: Tor TeenGenre: YA Fiction, Thriller/SuspensePages: 345 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Maris Brown has been told two things about her destiny: 1. She will fall happily and madly in love.2. She could be dead before she turns eighteen. The summer before that fateful …

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BOOK REVIEW: When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington

Title: When Summer EndsAuthor: Jessica PenningtonPublication: April 9, 2019Publisher: Tor TeenGenre: YA Fiction, TeenPages: 283 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Aiden Emerson is an all-star pitcher and the all-around golden boy of Riverton. Or at least he was, before he quit the team the last day of junior year without any explanation. …

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BOOK REVIEW: The Last by Hanna Jameson

Title: The LastAuthor: Hanna JamesonPublication: April 9, 2019Publisher: Simon & SchusterGenre: Thriller, Terrorism Thriller, Ghost ThrillerPages: 353 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) For fans of high-concept thrillers such as Annihilation and The Girl with All the Gifts, this breathtaking dystopian psychological thriller follows an American academic stranded at a Swiss hotel as the world descends …

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