BOOK REVIEW: “A Blossom of Bright Light” by Suzanne Chazin

Title: A Blossom of Bright Light
Author: Suzanne Chazin
Publication: October 27, 2015
Publisher: Kensington Books

A Blossom Of Bright Light


SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Award-winning author Suzanne Chazin returns with a stirring novel of deadly misdeeds and heartbreaking choices in a seasoned homicide cop’s hometown…A split-second decision thrusts Detective Jimmy Vega into the epicenter of a disturbing case when a body is found near a gathering place for immigrants in upscale Lake Holly, NY. The cold-bloodedness of the crime and the innocence of the victim torment Vega. But so, too, does the feeling that he’s to blame. Or is he? Could the ravings of a delusional vagrant hold the key to the killing? And if so, why can’t the police locate him?

In a community gripped by fear of deportation, Vega needs the help of his girlfriend, activist Adele Figueroa, to gain people’s trust. But Adele is acting strangely, consumed by a secret that threatens to tear them apart. When the case takes a personal turn, both Vega and Adele discover that Lake Holly’s tranquil façade hides a terror of monstrous proportions, poised and ready to strike again. To confront the killer and save their relationship, Vega and Adele must forge a new level of trust—in each other, and in their most deeply held beliefs—to expose an evil that threatens to eclipse anything they’d previously imagined.

Written with equal parts passion and suspense, A Blossom of Bright Light takes readers on a journey of stunning revelations to uncover a small town’s most sinister secrets—and brightest hopes for the future. Mystery, sacrifice, and unremitting love converge in this gripping work by a master storyteller.

**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I love a good mystery. I have requirements to fill in order for a book to get the highest ratings. It has to be believable. It has to flow smoothly. And it has to have well-written character development and an ending you’d never guess. Suzanne Chazin nailed it on the head.

“A Blossom of Bright Light”, the second book in the Jimmy Vega stories by Chazin, follows the story of New York homicide detective Jimmy Vega. One not foreign to struggle and violence, Vega finds himself battling a murder that would give anyone goosebumps. A newborn baby’s body has been found, umbilical cord still attached, and no one to claim the body. Found near a popular community center, Vega finds himself twisted in a little closer than he cares for when the Hispanic community involved doesn’t trust cops due to a recent deportation order on one of their own, and a girlfriend smack in the center. Vega is the type of cop you would want working on a case if you wanted justice served. He is a no nonsense type with the need to see it through to the end… no matter what his superiors say.

Chazin wrote characters that fit the story, developed them out and allowed the reader (myself) to peel back layers as if they were an onion. If you thought you knew everything, you didn’t. And if you think you have it all figured out… you don’t. With so many story lines going on, I thought I would dislike this story. I’m not a fan of multiple stories that end up tying into one because in the beginning it can be confusing. But Chazin pulled it off. Each story told an important part of the tale and slowly they wound together until an explosive climax. The story was visually rich and compelling the whole way. I couldn’t put it down. If you are a fan of mystery, suspense, and a bit of scare… then pick up “A Blossom of Bright Light”. This book will keep you guessing and flipping pages straight through to the very end. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Grab your copy of Suzanne Chazin’s new book “A Blossom of Bright Light” at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. If you love “A Blossom of Bright Light”, which is book 2 in the Jimmy Vega stories, make sure to pick up book one, “Land of Careful Shadows” and more of Chazin’s work. You can read all about each book on her website here!

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