BOOK REVIEW: A Paramedic’s Diary – Life and Death on the Streets by Stuart Gray


Title: A Paramedic’s Diary – Life & Death on the Streets
Author: Stuart Gray
Publication: November 22, 2010
Publisher: Monday Books
Genre: Non-Fiction, Emergency Medicine
Pages: 260



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Stuart Gray is a paramedic dealing with the worst life can throw at him.
A Paramedic’s Diary is his gripping, blow-by-blow account of a year on the streets – 12 roller-coaster months of enormous highs and tragic lows. One day he’ll save a young mother’s life as she gives birth, the next he might watch a young girl die on the tarmac in front of him after a hit-and-run. His is a world of hoax calls, drunks and druggies, terrorist bombings and gangland shootings. A gripping, entertaining and often amusing read.


I saw this book a while ago someplace and added it to my Goodreads to-be-read list.  I spoke to me since I am currently in school to get my EMT-B license.  So low and behold for my birthday my bestie gifted it,  and another one that she thought would be perfect for me.  I was so excited to read it and immediately started it that night.  

First off, this isn’t like a book that has a beginning, middle, or end.  So if that is what you are looking for this isn’t the book for you.  This book also contains some strong mental images so be warned.  Stuart has been a Paramedic for a while in London.  These are some of his stories over some of his time while working for the London Ambulance.  The book is broken down into sections.  Each section is filled with stories that pertain to the title of the section.  There are sections about suicide, geriatrics, people who are overweight, and just about everything in between.  

The chapters are scattered with educational tidbits like what CPR is or why and when they run with their blue lights flashing on the top.  It is written in such a way that the layperson who is not part of the medical field will completely understand but is also written in a way that those who are in the medical field will totally get.  I liked his writing style but did find the flow from chapter to chapter rather abrupt but not terrible.  I really don’t know what else to say about this book.  I found it fascinating and really enjoyed it.  I see that the author has written other books as well, if they are anything like this one I will certainly be checking them out.  

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