BOOK REVIEW: Beach Haven by T.I. Lowe


Title: Beach Haven
Author: T.I. Lowe
Publication: April 7, 2020
Publisher: Tyndale House Publisher
Genre: Romance
Pages: 320


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Free-spirited Opal Gilbert seems to have everything she needs to keep living a happy life in Sunset Cove as she refurbishes vintage furniture to sell at her funky ocean-side boutique, Bless This Mess. Until Lincoln Cole, a new-to-town ex-Marine nursing deep wounds and harboring hurts he can’t seem to shake, wanders into her shop. Opal knows a person in need when she sees one and offers Lincoln a job in her workshop. But the brooding former soldier has no interest in Opal’s offer. Thanks but no thanks.

But then a hurricane strikes, damaging Bless This Mess. Feeling guilty for how he treated Opal, Lincoln decides to help her repair the store. And soon it becomes clear Opal wants to restore not only her business, but also help Lincoln find restoration. As much as Lincoln tries to keep her at arm’s length, Opal’s well-meaning meddling begins to heal his wounds . . . and capture his heart almost before he realizes it.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

The month of July was filled with trips and back to school preparations, so my book club decided a nice beach read was exactly what we needed. Beach Haven, not only by name fit the bill, but the description sounded perfect. Sometimes you need a nice, easy read with some good old fashioned romance and T.I. Lowe delivered just that.

There are a handful of characters in this book, but really only a few you get to know really well. That’s likely because the series continues and you get to know the others more as you go along. In this one we get to know Opal and Lincoln the best. I really enjoyed Opal’s personality and she really kept the booking moving for me because of her quirky personality and quit witted comebacks. Without her, I fear this book would have been a little boring. Opal was on fire! LIncoln was your typical brooding ex-marine who needed a nice girl to pull him out of his shell.

While the book was highly obvious at times and you knew what was going to happen from the minute you started reading it, it was still a great story and Lowe told it beautiful. It flowed nicely and introduced the side characters just enough where you are interested to see what happens to them in their own books. The book was a bit too fluffy for me, but nothing wrong with some fluff to even out those murder mysteries I’m typically reading.

Beach Haven was like watching a really good Lifetime movie. While you knew what was coming, you just enjoyed the ride to get there. I’ll definitely be checking out more to see how the story continues.

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