BOOK REVIEW: Candy Colored Sky by Ginger Scott


Title: Candy Colored Sky
Author: Ginger Scott
Publication: February 26, 2021
Publisher: Little Miss Write, LLC
Genre: Teens, YA Fiction
Pages: 316


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Jonah Wydner has been in love with his neighbor Eleanor Trombley for years. He has watched her life play out from the sidelines—homecoming dances, football parties, and first dates. Her life seemed easy…simple…perfect. The complete opposite of his own.

But when Eleanor’s younger sister goes missing and the national media sets up camp in the middle of their street, the girl with the seemingly perfect life shows up in Jonah’s garage in search of a place to hide from the hurt and chaos. What begins as one night becomes many filled with unexpected surprises and unveiling, healing truths about Jonah’s own messy past. 

Soon, Jonah gets to know the real Eleanor, and discovers all the ways they’re the same. Friendship blossoms into more, plans turn into promises, and hopes and dreams become shared under the warm glow of the fading Midwestern sunsets. But how far can a kiss under a candy-colored sky take them? And what happens when the clouds close in?


While browsing my Hoopla app for a good audiobook to entertain me to and from work, Candy Colored Sky caught my eye. Literally. The cover is gorgeous. Who said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? This book was beautiful. It also falls into one of my favorite genres, YA Fiction.

The story follows Jonah. He lives across the street from Eleanor and her family as they are thrust into a terrifying family ordeal. As they work their way through it, Eleanor and Jonah become friends. And… I won’t spoil it. This book is so well written. I love that Jonah isn’t a super popular jock winning a girl over. He’s this amazing, smart, slightly nerdy, good guy. It seems like the good guy never wins or is never the center of a story so I love this storyline. Ginger Scott is a phenomenal writer. She writes the emotions of an individual so well that you feel everything with the characters.

This story is so unique. I’ve never read anything quite like it. It had the emotional side a family goes through when a child goes missing. Usually we read stories like that from the aspect of the police or the families, but this gave a new aspect on the devastation that falls upon a family during something like that. Overall, my favorite part of this story was Grandpa Hank and the emotional depth of every character. They were all going through something. We got to see those emotions while reading and it really formed a visual of these characters, their lives, and their feelings for me as a reader.

This was a great story. It was an easy read, although emotional at times. It also showed the growth of the individuals and how that senior year of high school is really a growing and maturity point for a lot of kids. I loved watching them work through difficult situations and making the decisions they did. This is a great story for young and old alike. Everyone can enjoy it. A must read for those who want a deep story with a lot of laughs mixed in.

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