BOOK REVIEW: Exception to the Rule by Christina Lauren


Title: Exception to the Rule
Author: Christina Lauren
Publication: January 23, 2024
Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Genre: Romance
Pages: 101

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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

On February 14, an accidental email to a stranger opens the door to an unexpected relationship in a captivating short story by the New York Times bestselling authors of The Unhoneymooners.

One typo, and a boy and girl connect by chance. Wishing each other a happy Valentine’s Day isn’t the end. In fact, it becomes a friendly annual tradition—with rules: no pics, no real names, nothing too personal. As years pass, the rules for their email “dates” are breaking, and they’re sharing more than they imagined—including the urge to ask…what if we actually met?


I don’t know how I came across this book.  I think that I was browsing Audible as I am wont to do when they have sales for books….I am a sucker for a good book sale.  I adore the author, I will buy any books they write, usually without even reading what the book is about.  It didn’t last long in my queue before I started to listen. 

Tara gets an email on her school email on Valentine’s Day from Callum about a class that he was taking.  She responds that he emailed the wrong person.  They start emailing back and forth each year on Valentine’s Day so they can wish each other Happy Valentine’s.  It slowly turns into more of a relationship.  Eventually asking to meet but times are never right.  One night they meet at a party but don’t know until Tara emails Callum about something that happened at the party with him as the person it happened to.   For starters, this book if you listen to it is only about 1 hour and 40 minutes so in my mind that makes it a novella.  This book is absolutely adorable.  The first 60% of this book is actually written in email form so listening to it is a bit odd at first but it grows on you.  You get to hear/see how their relationship grows into something more and that is awesome. 

The book is 100% clean.  There is no sex in it except for a slight mention of orgasms at the end of the book.  What also makes this sweet is they have no clue who each other is aside from their email handle the entire time till basically the end of the book.  They share basically no personal information with each other and have a little rule book so to speak about what is allowed and what isn’t.  This book is a part of a “meet cute” series from different authors so it can be a standalone book.  

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