BOOK REVIEW: Heroes Wear Stethoscopes by J.M. Spade

Title: Heroes Wear Stethoscopes
Author: J.M. Spade
Publication: December 14, 2019
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Medical Fiction
Pages: 360

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Kate has worked as a nurse in the emergency room for over twenty years, is married to a successful orthopedic surgeon, and is raising three teenagers. When she starts experiencing personality changes, such as telling her patients what she’s thinking, she must find the cause before she loses her family and her career. Is it the stress from family drama or something more serious? Once she discovers the cause, she must make a decision that will alter her life forever.

Follow Kate through her shifts in the busy emergency room and her chaotic personal life on her journey to discovering the root of the issues.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

I had recently read the first book this author wrote and I absolutely loved it.  When I saw that the author had another book coming out I was excited to read it.  I was, however, a little disappointed that it wasn’t a sequel to the book I had just finished.  My disappointment was appeased when I saw that it was based on an ER nurse.  As someone who worked in a Level 1 Trauma/ ER Room for 5 years, I was excited to read it.  

Kate is an ER nurse who notices that something is changing.  She no longer has a filter and kind of says whatever she is thinking at the time.  It starts to get her in trouble.  I could totally understand this.  Seeing people who come in all the time for the same thing and use the ER as their doctors’ office instead of finding an actual doctor.  I understood the stress of biting her tongue and not saying anything.   However, the repeated smack on the wrists confused me.  She was saying things to patients she couldn’t why didn’t she get put on something more severe?  I mean at the end of the book she did finally lose her preceptor job, but why didn’t something more severe some sooner?

Honestly, Kate’s personality kind of grated on me.  I know that she discovered a tumor in her brain and that is why she was saying what she thought but I was still a little too much at times.   What threw me for an even bigger loop, and I won’t divulge because it ruins the whole book, was how it ended.  I felt slightly gypped because the whole book was this massive build-up and then it was over.  I gave it three stars because while there were things that obviously bothered me, I still loved the stories. I could identify with some of the things that Kate worked with, like the jack ass drunk people, the flirty men that hit on you even though you were taken.  All in all, I will still read another book written by this author.  I hope she writes a new one soon. Who knows, maybe it will be a sequel to The Wish Lists that I am so desperately hoping for. 


Pick up your copy of Heroes Wear Stethoscopes by J.M. Spade on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Also make sure to add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback for the author when you are finished. Also make sure to check out our review of Spade’s first book, The Wish Lists HERE.

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