BOOK REVIEW: Inked Hearts by Lindsay Detwiler

Title: Inked Hearts (Lines in the Sand #1)
Author: Lindsay Detwiler
Publication: October 21, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Pages: 261



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Suffering from the sting of betrayal, twenty-eight-year-old Avery Johannas quits her job and moves hundreds of miles away to Ocean City, the beach town of her dreams. With the help of her zany roommate, Jodie, Avery finds a new career, home, and freedom. Throughout her self-exploration, she makes only one rule: She won’t give her heart to a man again. She’s living for herself this time.

But then she meets Jesse.

A tattoo shop owner, the green-eyed Jesse Pearce is wild with a touch of mystery. As Jesse and Avery explore Ocean City and their friendship, they’ll have a hard time drawing a line in the sand between their hearts.

When summer nights get a little more heated than either expected, they’ll have to ask themselves: Can they let go of their notions of love, or will their hearts be permanently inked by past pain?


**A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I can not even begin to say how much I love Lindsay Detwiler’s books. They are clean romances. I have never been one for romance books but I love these. I am always excited to see that she has a new one out and even more excited when I see that they have asked me to review it! The last book I read by her, Remember When, I bought for my Grandma. She finished it in 4 hours. She said that she couldn’t put it down!

The story revolves around Avery trying to get her life back together. To start afresh. She has been cheated on by her husband of 6 years. What doesn’t help is that she walked in on them in their marital bed doing the dirty deed. In a total cliché moment, it is the secretary at his work that he has been in flagrante delicto with. She divorces him and quits her totally safe job at her father’s accounting firm. She finds a roommate on Craig’s list and moves to a different state with just her dog, Henry, and a few belongings in her beat-up car. After arriving in Ocean City, she knocks on the door of her new apartment. Jodie, her Craigslist roommate, opens the door in a bouncing ball of redheaded energy. Slowly Avery settles into a routine. She begins to enjoy waitressing at the same Shakespearian themed restaurant that Jodie does. One night while getting ready to go out on the town, Jodie sees Avery’s back tattoo. It is a matching tattoo with her ex-husband. Jodie decides right then and there that Avery will get it covered so the memories will fade easier. The next day, while still hungover, Jodie informs Avery that she made an appointment with Jesse, a sexy hunk of a man who runs the local tattoo parlour. Once Avery meets the green-eyed Jesse all bets are off. Will they be able to mend their broken hearts? Will Jesse be able to show her that she can still love and be loved again?

This book I read in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. The characters all flow and they each have their own backstory. They are all so relatable. They have problems that we can all see ourselves having. We have all wanted to reinvent something about ourselves and Avery has the courage to do so. I was even more excited to see that there will be a book 2 coming for this one. While I was bummed when the epilogue didn’t wrap up their storylines quite so neatly, the anticipation of the next one more then makes up for it.


Inked Hearts is released and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Make sure to add Inked Hearts to your Goodreads To Read list and leave feedback for the author when you are done. You can also check out all of Lindsay Detwilers books from her website here. You can also check out reviews of some of Detwilers other books we have done. Check out Voice of Innocence, Without You, Then Comes Love, To Say Goodbye, Who We Were, and Remember When.

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