BOOK REVIEW: Last Duke Standing by Julia London


Title: Last Duke Standing
Author: Julia London
Publication: February 22, 2022
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 404


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

When Crown Princess Justine of Wesloria is sent to England to learn the ropes of royalty, she falls under the tutelage of none other than Queen Victoria herself. Justine’s also in the market for a proper husband—one fit to marry the future queen of Wesloria.

Because he knows simply everyone, William, Lord Douglas (the notoriously rakish heir to the Duke of Hamilton seat in Scotland, and decidedly not husband material), is on hand as an escort of sorts. William has been recruited to keep an eye on the royal matchmaker for the Weslorian prime minister, tasked to ensure the princess is matched with a man of quality…and one who will be sympathetic to the prime minister’s views. As William and Justine are forced to scrutinize an endless parade of England’s best bachelors, they become friends. But when the crowd of potential grooms is steadily culled, what if William is the last bachelor standing?


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I have heard of Julia London before and have seen her books on bookshelves before but have actually never read one of them.  So when a request for a review of her newest book came across my email, I jumped at the chance to read it.  I couldn’t wait to read it and was excited to dive in. 

This book was so good. I read some nights until I literally smacked myself in the face with my Kindle. I didn’t want it to end. That was my only gripe about the book. My only gripe about the book was that I didn’t get enough of an epilogue. I wanted more. The one month later that was given to me wasn’t nearly enough. I fell in love with these characters, I didn’t want this book to end.

Throughout the book, I really liked how these two main characters developed.    They learned new things about themselves that they didn’t realize.  Justine realized that she was worth it and was amazing and she also realized what she wanted in a partner.  William learned that he wasn’t what everyone thought he was and that he was capable of love.  The banter that these two have back and forth is hilarious.  I found myself laughing on more than one occasion and I looked forward to seeing what would happen next with them.  I did find the sister a bit tedious and her storyline was just added in as filler.  However, I see the next book in this series is all about her and I can’t wait to read it and find out more about her. I thought that the whole matchmaking process that Lila did was a bit ridiculous.  The men that she paraded past Justine were just annoying.  All of that so she could prove that William was the one for her.  I can’t wait to read more books by this author and will be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series!  

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