BOOK REVIEW: Missing You, Missing Me by Tylor Paige

Title: Missing You, Missing Me
Author: Tylor Paige
Publication: November 20, 2018
Publisher: Amazon Digital Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 329

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Cleo is good at two things: stealing the spotlight and always making the wrong decisions. From bad tattoos to a sudden elopement, Cleo is a mess who can’t help but be loved from everyone around her. Except for the one that matters, her husband. 

Ethan is hurt beyond measure. Leaving home after losing his best friend and brother, he joined a band and traveled the world looking for someone to love his damaged soul. Turning to girls who can’t love and drugs that make him hate himself, Ethan is just as lost as Cleo is. 

Forced to work together for a summer tour, Cleo and Ethan discover the old flame isn’t completely snuffed out. However, she can’t let go of her husband, and Ethan can’t let go of her. 

How many wrong choices will Cleo make until she figures out how to make the right one?


**A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

When my co-editor asked me to do her a favor and read/review the book she had just finished editing, I said why not.  I love finding new authors and the fact that it was a romance helped. I was not disappointed. 

As the story opens we see Cleo, the main character, sitting with her bandmates watching the other band they are going on tour with arriving.  Her stomach is all atwitter.  She doesn’t know how she will react to running into Ethan.  She hasn’t seen him since she got overwhelmed with their relationship and literally ran out on him.  However, not before getting super drunk and getting each other’s names tattoed behind their ears.  When she sees him, he is just as hot as before, if not more.  She can no longer act on any feelings she has for him.  After she ran out on him she meets and married Chris.  Chris is an attorney at law and on the path to becoming a Senator.  While she would never act on any feelings since she is married, she cannot say the same for her husband.  The last she saw him he was having sex with his assistant, Holly.  While she was on tour she barely heard from him and she never saw him until he showed up one night in Dallas.  He roughly had sex with her and then left.  Meanwhile, the attraction between Ethan and Cleo is growing and comes to a head in Dallas.  After Chris left Cleo she went back to the bus and in the heat of the moment, she and Ethan had sex as well.  Eight weeks later she gets the shock of her life and finds out she is pregnant.  When the tour is over she goes home to Chris to play happy housewife.  Things go from bad to worse when Chris becomes abusive and stays away from home for days on end.  Will Ethan be able to come forward and tell Cleo how he feels?  Will Cleo find the strength to leave her abusive husband before its too late?

Oh my oh my what a book.  I literally could not put it down.  I finished 70% of it in one day.  The first 30% was a little slow so be prepared for that.  However, once it gets rolling hold on to your hats because it moves out!  What I loved about the book was the characters did not have sunshine and roses kind of lives.  Ethan was addicted to coke and drank heavily.  Eventually, he ended up in a rehab center, twice.  Cleo has an unexpected pregnancy and a very verbally and physically abusive husband.  Something that most books steer clear of.  Their stories actually felt like something that could actually happen instead of something that you could only imagine in your dreams.  The one thing that did wear on me was the number of bad things that happened to them.  It was almost like they had all the cards stacked against them then we added one more thing. However, it was such a small thing that it didn’t even knock my star rating down.  I am keeping this author on my radar for any of her future novels.


Missing You, Missing Me by Taylor Paige is available November 20th on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads with links to other purchasing options. Make sure to add it to your Goodreads To Read list and stay tuned for the sequel in the works from Paige. Tell us what you think when you get your copy!

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  1. Star Rating: 5/5

    Missing You, Missing Me will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as rockstar fantasy meets real world struggle! With character content and personality so real you feel like you know them in your walking world, as well as realistic twist after realistic twist in the story; this is a read you wont be able to put down once you’ve started! I was HOOKED!

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