BOOK REVIEW: “Montana Hearts: Sweet Talkin’ Cowboy” By Darlene Panzera

Title: Montana Hearts: Sweet Talkin’ Cowboy
Author: Darlene Panzera
Publication: December 15, 2015
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Genre: Romance
Pages: 320
Source: HarperCollins

Sweet Talkin' Hearts


SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Darlene Panzera continues her heartwarming Western series with a roughed-up cowboy, the feisty girl next door, and the deal that brings them together…

If it wasn’t for an injury to his leg, Luke Collins would be riding rodeo broncos all day, every day. Until he heals, he’s determined to help his family’s guest ranch bring in money any way he can. But when a cranky neighbor gets in the way of his goal, Luke turns to the only person he knows can help: the gorgeous, rodeo-barrel-racing spitfire next door.

It’s no secret: Sammy Jo’s father is a pain in the neck. But if anyone can persuade him, it’s her. So when Luke asks for help, Sammy Jo is more than willing to make a deal with the handsome cowboy. The cost? He’s gotta get back up on that horse—with Sammy Jo’s help, of course.

As teamwork reveals a deeper connection, Luke finds himself falling for the beautiful girl next door. But to win her heart? He’ll just have to do whatever it takes.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

Darlene Panzera is at it again with the second book in her Montana Hearts series, “Sweet Talkin’ Cowboy”. The second novel follows Luke Collins as he has returned home after a leg injury to help on his families ranch. Stubborn and hardheaded, Luke starts out by refusing help, insisting he can do everything alone even with his injury. The sassy girl next door, Sammy Jo, who Luke has known forever has started making passes at him. But he has his walls up and isn’t sure if he should trust her. When problems arise, Luke has no choice but to trust Sammy Jo.

I love stories like these. They are easy to read, fun to watch relationships build and change so fast, and enjoyable. Panzera has delivered the beginning of a series that all readers would love. Luke is gorgeous and tough while Sammy is wild and feisty. Watching their relationship grow is fascinating and entertaining. The writing is good, characters are developed enough that you get a good feel of who they are.

My only complaint would be the speed at which things develop. I feel it’s a bit unrealistic, but I don’t complain too much because romance novels usually do move quickly. Otherwise, this is a great read for a rainy, cold winter day. Lovers of romance novels will not be disappointed.

Pick up “Montana Hearts: Sweet Talkin’ Cowboy” by Darlene Panzera on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or in a bookstore near you. Also add it to your Goodreads list for 2016!

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