BOOK REVIEW: Paris – The Memoir by Paris Hilton


Title: Paris: The Memoir
Author: Paris Hilton
Publication: March 14, 2023
Publisher: Dey Street Books
Genre: Biographies, Celebrity
Pages: 336

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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Heiress. Party girl. Problem child. Selfie taker. Model. Cover girl. Reality star. 
These are labels that have been attached to Paris Hilton by others. 

Founder. Entrepreneur. Pop Culture Maker. Innovator. Survivor. Activist. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mom.
These are roles Paris Hilton embraces now as a fully realized woman.


I know most of the world had an image of Paris Hilton in their head prior to this book release and maybe prior to her docu-series. Now that I have read this, I am shocked and impressed with the woman Hilton is even after everything she has gone through.

I listened to the audiobook of this book, which I really enjoy doing when the author voices it themselves. I feel like you get more personal and this was definitely the case with this memoir. The book was so deep and insightful into her life. I am guilty of thinking she was just a rich, spoiled girl whose parents paid for everything, but I learned a lot. I think the purpose of this book was to voice all the misconceptions people had about her and she definitely did that. It takes a strong person to admit to some of the things in this book, and Hilton delivered without an apology or wince. She is truly 100% herself and I am here for it.

I think everyone should read this if you’ve ever even had a though about who Paris Hilton is. This is the most real I’ve seen a celebrity and loved reading her story and hearing the ways she overcame everything. Paris: A Memoir will teach you to make assumptions about those you don’t know or have no knowledge of what makes them tick. I won’t make the same mistake twice. Pick it up and read for yourself.

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