BOOK REVIEW: Sloshies by Jerry Nevins

Title: Sloshies
Author: Jerry Nevins
Publication: June 13, 2017
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Genre: Cookbook, Food and Wine
Pages: 160



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

It’s not your mother’s Piña Colada! Sophisticated, flavorful, with fresh ingredients and the perfect hit of booze, a sloshie is a high-octane slushie—the ideal summer drink that’s a far cry from the cloyingly sweet blender cocktails of yore.

Written by Jerry Nevins, cofounder of Kansas City’s Snow & Co.—named the #1 frozen cocktail bar in the United States—Sloshies features more than 100 innovative refreshers guaranteed to jazz up (and cool down) backyard parties, barbecues, or any gathering with family and friends. And they are so easy to make: Based on a simple granita technique, sloshies require little to no special equipment. Just mix the ingredients, stick them in the freezer, and wait until they’re slushy.

There’s the tart: the Whisky Smashed, a frozen mint julep; the cucumber-kissed Limey Bastard; and the Sunshine Boulevard, a stone-cold shandy starring beer, vodka, and citrus juice. The sweet: the alluringly exotic Blue Roses (featuring a bouquet of curaçao, vodka, and rose hip liqueur). The spiced and herbal: including a Manhattan with rye-infused cherries, and the Proud Mary—yes, that’s a frozen Bloody Mary. Plus drinks with floral notes, like the Midnight Orchard, a beguiling combination of whiskey, elderflower, bitters, and maraschino, and a few nonalcoholic granitas to refresh the palate.

The book includes recipes for the syrups and infused liquors that many of the drinks are built upon, plus information on garnishes, serving suggestions, and other finishing touches.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Sloshies sounded like the perfect book for summer. Some amazing frozen adult beverages for hot summer days laying by the pool, fun family get togethers, or just a hot day. I love a good fruity, frozen drink.

Sloshies has a recipe for everyone. All different fruit flavors are covered and everything from really strong liquor to a lighter taste too. The different drinks, especially anything with strawberries or watermelon for me, was amazing. I was able to try a few of these and they were sweet, refreshing, cold, and beautiful! My biggest issue was the ingredients were not really simple. I was thinking these were ingredients I’d have laying around, or common liquors. A lot of the liquor ingredients were ones I had never heard of. Now I’m sure it would be easy to swap out the recommended brand for another brand, but I felt for full effect I had to use the one the recommended. They weren’t always easy to find in stores either. There were a few I had to search for because it wasn’t common or it was really expensive, which I feel would be a turnoff to many people trying this book.

Even with the expensive alcohol and the difficulty in finding some of it, I think this could still be great with substituted brands, but same flavors. I recommend everyone to try it out, tell me your favorite drinks, and share it with your friends this summer!


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