BOOK REVIEW: The God Who Answers Us by Tina Downer

Title: The God Who Answers Us
Author: Tina Downer
Publication: April 29, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Religion
Pages: 92

SYNOPSIS: (From Amazon)

Does God hear me, does He answer prayers? Does He care? The God Who Answers Us shares personal life experiences and unexpected answers to prayers. You will be empowered to trust God, claim His promises and learn how to rely on the God Who Answers Us.


This book is a collection of short stories.  The author tells stories of how God has worked in her life and has answered prayers.  She tells about how she prayed to God on various occasions to protect her children when she had a feeling that they needed it. The author talks about the love of God that she and her husband shared.  Praying about certain things that they needed to have answered, from whether or not to move to Colorado and run and B&B to praying for God’s help to heal a sick family member to protecting their children.  

This book is a quick read (92 pages).  If you just read it for a face value book, that is good.  However, I personally think this book would make an amazing Bible Study book or something of that nature. The stories are short and you can take them one at a time and reflect over each one.  It’s also nice that at the end of each of the short stories are reflection questions.  The author wants you to dig into your own personal relationship with God and think about your life.  While I didn’t reflect on the way God works in my life, I did really enjoy the book.  While I am not particularly religious anymore, I was raised as a devout Catholic and still identify myself as such. I will be recommending this book to my mother to read and who knows maybe she will recommend it to her Bible Study group.  


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